April 8th, 2016


Bassnectar @ North Coat Music Festival 2016ILLINOISE – we are returning to Chicago once again for the wonderful North Coast Music Festival! Join us in Chicago, Sep 3rd.

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  • dude wtf

    how bout you give Illinois a good show for once instead of TRASH FESTIVAL PERFORMANCE AFTER TRASH FESTIVAL PERFORMANCE. CMON MAN

    • Mike T

      Alpine valley would be a nice venue

      • Adelaide

        Yea! I ski there all the time, at the ski resort of course.

    • drew

      trash performance for a trash state

      • we love illinoise 🙂

        • Glad you’re coming. I’ve never seen bassnectar in person. Looking forward to my first show.

          • hell yes!! your first nectar experience will be one for the books. 🙂 GET READY!!

          • Ahleya

            Wow yes, first nectar experience will be epic. Enjoy the ride!!!

    • what about Halloween in Peoria? was massive 🙂 and we’ll keep coming back.

      have some faith, homie! Northcoast 2011 nectar set was one of my favorites to date. absolute smasher, and I’m sure lorin’s got something similar in store for Northcoast 2016 🙂

  • Adelaide

    What is the age requirements for this festival?

    • Chris Basscrew


      • Adelaide

        Ohhhh….. i cri

  • Joshua

    Paul Stamets

  • Joshua

    what is your favorite color?
    Mine is purple.

    • Muffin top