June 2nd, 2016


Bassnectar presents Bass Center 2016 - Colorado

Bass Center 2016 is about to burst! With the entire venue nearly sold out, this is without question set to be the largest Bassnectar Gathering to date! If you or your crew have yet to grab your pass for our weekend double-header in Colorado, don’t hesitate!! And we just added several more camping spaces to our Narnia camping village, but these too will sell out in advance…

Now we are announcing the lineups for our Bass Center Late Nights!

For campers we have a ridiculously stacked Silent Disco party planned. Check the mighty lineup below. We are also working on a late night Center Camp with live performance art, puppet shows & absurdity from The Fungineers, and more…

Elsewhere, we have a pair of limited capacity offsite after-parties going down in the Denver area, at Cervantes’ Masterpiece and the Gothic Theatre, with some very special artists to massage your ear drums : )

Bassnectar presents Bass Center 2016 - Colorado


Open late night 7/29 + 7/30 to camping pass holders only!

PLEASE NOTE: Bass Center Camping Passes are now sold out!


Want to add a camping upgrade to your tickets?
Call Altitude Ticketing Customer Service:
(303) 405-6066.

Liquid Stranger / ill.Gates / RUN DMT
Jantsen b2b Dirt Monkey / Lafa Taylor
Thriftworks / LUZCID / LEViTATE
Big Makk / The Librarian / Dorfex Bos
CraZ / Gnar Gnar / AtYyA
Goopsteppa / Eurythmy

Bassnectar presents Bass Center Late Nights - Cervantes Masterpiece2) CERVANTES MASTERPIECE

7/29 – Liquid Stranger / Jantsen / Lafa Taylor
7/30 – Amp Live / Thriftworks / The Librarian

Both shows are 16+
Tickets on sale Friday 6/3 at 10am MTN!


Bassnectar presents Bass Center Late Nights - Gothic Theater3) GOTHIC THEATER

7/29 – ill.Gates / Run DMT / Moody Good + more
7/30 – G Jones & Minnesota / LUZCID / Big Makk + more

Both shows are 18+
Tickets on sale Friday 6/3 at 10am MTN!


More Bass Center announcements and camping shenanigans are in the works… 🙂
This is going to be one for the books!!!
See you very soon!

  • Jason

    So if these start at 11:00 PM, does that mean music stops at Basscenter at like 10 PM?

    • Brett Murray

      Yea im a little confused as well… Not even quite sure as to what the silent disco artists are/ which ones are extra and more money?

      • Silent Disco lineup is listed in full above under #1. After-parties at Gothic and Cervantes are separate ticketed events. Lineups above for those also, under #2 and #3.

        • Brett Murray

          ahhh makes sense, my bad! thanks a bunch!

        • Jay G

          so just to be clear, the Silent Disco will take place at the Dick’s Sporting Goods camping venue? Meaning we can walk from the show over to the silent disco without driving, like we would if going to Gothic or Cervantes

          • yup, silent disco takes place at the bass center campsite

        • James Alcus

          Hi Ed, Now I know you said the silent disco lineup is listed above but the poster and the writing contradict each other. Is Minnesota b2b G Jones going to be at Silent Disco or no? Also is it going to be difficult if we wanted to travel to the after party and back to the campgrounds? thanks!

          • Brian

            so far, unless he ads them or it is a surprise, G Jones b2b Minnesota is just at the Gothic Theatre, not the silent disco

          • the poster you’re referring to lists ALL of the artists playing at ALL of the late nights — not just silent disco. minnesota & g jones are going to be at the gothic theatre late night on july 30 — not the silent disco. the silent disco lineup is listed in full above under point 1)

            we really cant predict whether it will be difficult to travel, depends on traffic, how you’re traveling, even your standard of difficulty may differ from another’s, etc.! you can always google map it out and/or talk to some locals to try to get an idea for yourself as to what it’ll be like.

            hope this helps! 🙂

    • Joe Conway

      I also need to know the answer to this, Because if we get out at midnight and I cant get there until 12:45, that is too late to be worth it.

    • Jonathan

      Dick’s Sporting Goods Park weekend curfew is midnight. Basscenter is listed as starting at 5 pm. I’m guessing it is ending at 11. I don’t think 7 hours each day is a reasonable guess judging by lineup size.

  • John Jennett

    Month in the dates should be 7 😉

  • Eemahn

    Damn tough decision on 6/29. I dunnoooo………

  • Cassie

    I’m a little confused, so if you already have a camping pass you don’t have to pay for the late night shows or do you still have to pay?

    • Hey Cassie – Silent Disco is part of camping, open to camping pass holders only. After Parties at Cervantes and Gothic are separate ticketed events.

      • Sarah

        ANYONE selling night two at the Gothic Theatre?? they are all sold out

  • Caitlin c.

    Is there any way you can buy a camping pass separately??? I already have a ticket but my Boyfriend and I only bought one pass!

    • Yes! As listed above. Call Altitude Ticketing Customer Service and they can add camping to your ticket. (303) 405-6066.

      • Fighting Home

        @EdBasscrew:disqus Do you have any word as to how many camping passes will be released at the venue and when? I just got off the phone with Altitude and it looks like I goofed when ordering, now short two camping passes and they are sold out. Thank you for your time.

    • Matt b

      How many camping passes do you need I have 3 for sale

      • Jesse

        can i buy one pass off you?

      • Daniel Linnstaedt

        Hey could I buy two camping passes from you?

      • Ashley

        do you still have the passes

  • Ubbitz

    In #1 it lists Liquid Stranger, ill gates and lafa Taylor playing the silent disco. Can anyone confirm this to be true, or are they only playing the separate ticketed events??

    • Brian

      under “starring:” it says,
      Liquid Stranger / ill.Gates / RUN DMT
      Thriftworks / LUZCID / LEViTATE
      Big Makk / The Librarian / Dorfex Bos
      CraZ / Gnar Gnar / Goopsteppa / Eurythmy
      + more TBC

    • yup, they are playing the silent disco

  • Ubbitz

    is everyone listed in the poster for # 1 playing the silent disco??

    • the poster up top is a comprehensive list of ALL artists playing ALL late nights, both friday and saturday and across three different venues. it’s not a poster for #1 — it’s just a general lineup poster for all late night events.

      the lineup for #1 is listed in writing above ^^

  • Cody Lovejoy

    What is our camping passes? Is it just the ticket or something else? I bought a ticket and a camping pass so just wondering.

    • camping pass is what you need to camp at the venue, tickets get you into the venue for music!

  • Austin

    What is the deal with flash seats? are there no physical tickets? OR do i really just have to show up with my credit card? and how do camping pass work? I wasnt able to figure out how to print either of my tickets off…

  • Austin

    Can any fellow bassheads help me understand Flash seats????? Do I really only have to show up to the venue with only my credit card? I would feel much better if I could figure out a way to print off physical tickets. I have never used FlashSeats and need help!!!!!!!

    • Kyle

      download the Flashseats app. Once you sign in to flash seats on the app your purchases will show up there and they can scan your phone. Hope this helps

      • Austin

        So I bought a 2 day pass with camping and when I logged on to the flashseats app it only shows the 2day GA pass nothing about my camping ticket….do I have them scan the same code as my entry ticket the camping tickets as well? Thanks for the help guys!!!

        • Brian

          The camping ticket should have been sent to your house as one physical ticket for both nights.. at least that’s how mine was

          • elizabeth

            i also have to get the flash seats. i tried calling to see if i could get a hard copy but i couldnt but yeah all you have to do is scan it and it should scan your ticket for both days and the camping should have been sent. cause mine was sent as well as brians. you should try calling

          • elizabeth

            its called altitude tickets!

    • Brian

      I’m not even sure you need the credit card.. what I’m going to do is download the app and just show them the ticket on there!

  • Jonathan

    Hey mods/basscrew…. the date is approaching and there are some major question marks about the offsite after parties. Firstly, they’re rather far from Dicks. Everything people have surmised is that Bassnectar’s closing sets will end at midnight. The Afterparties start at….. midnight? And they’re far away and there is no transport set up.

    What is the deal guys? Did we really buy tickets to something we won’t be able to attend more than the last bit of? Need some clarity here.

  • Vo

    Hey where can we park? Also, why are LED gloves prohibited? Thanks

    • Chris Basscrew

      There are parking lots! They will probably fill fast though so get there early 🙂

      About LED gloves, that is the venue’s policy.

  • Sarah


  • Taylor

    If you have a camping pass, does that allow you re-entry into the show if you decide to go back to your site for a bit? I would like clarification as I see there is re-entry into campgrounds, but it’s not clear if it applies to the show.

    • Chris Basscrew

      There is no re-entry for the show.

      • Jonathan

        Lorin said in DM that settimes were going to be available via a basscenter app and he said it would be out Monday. We’re getting into 48 hour territory here. Where’s the info guys?!

        • Edward Refvem

          double check the app, the set times are there.

          • Trevor Pyke

            I cant find the app. What is it called?

          • Edward Refvem

            it should just be “Bass Center” in the app store

          • ryanmoritz

            It’s not compatible with older phones. Thats probably why. Which sucks. I have a Droid Mini and it’s not even that old…

        • Daniel Bankhead

          Download the BASSCENTER App in the App Store

  • Jeff B

    11pm – 4am Don’t miss out, this well sell out soon!

    Email – to BUY TICKETS ??

    Facebook Event Link;

  • fatgirlsfanclub :]

    Can anyone tell me when we can start setting up our tents????