June 15th, 2016


Presenting the official video for Reaching Out!

This song is about human connection, but also about our personal journeys and how they intersect in cathartic and beautiful ways in a kind of metamorphosis. The video opens with a person who is locked inside a cocoon (at times she is just existing, but other times she is struggling to break free). The cocoon might be a natural state of her existing just as a butterfly exists within a cocoon before it bursts free; or it might be more confining, like the walls of a prison in her mind. When we see into her mind, through her eyes, she exists almost underwater. She is swimming inside a magical cathedral with vaulted ceilings…always moving toward the light, yet the experience is disorienting and hypnotic like a dream. As the song progresses, the voice says “we’re reaching out to set you free” – as if she is being contacted from beyond her current state of awareness. The voice represents an angel, which could be a friend or just an entity of healing. When she bursts through the cocoon, she is set free to move freely and dance across the same terrain which she was once submerged in. The new control and mastery of her body follows her as she moves forward into life, leaving trails of her experiences behind her.

Directed by the homie David Dutton:
Thanks to NPR for premiering X

UPDATE: Video now public – please share and enjoy 🙂

  • Catherine Ritter

    I love the meaning behind this video. I feel like this directly correlates with how I feel. For years I’ve felt like I couldn’t get a grip on my life. Like I need a helping hand from an outside force. I’ve definitely felt sort of “submerged.” Like I was able to move, think, and live but something was keeping me from happiness. I made the choice to create my own happiness and appreciate each and evey blessing. A change in my mindset truly.changed my whole life. I have spent the last 8 months going through lots of personal and family adverse. During these months I was offered an amazing opportunity to move to Hawaii. That sounded and seemed so unreal to me, but my friend was out there doing it, right? So…I’ve been working, and saving, and working. Now I’m going to be traveling to Thailand in less than 2 weeks with my best friend and boyfriend Gabriel. THEN, we’re going to Denver to see YOU at Basscenter!!! AND THEN 2 days after I’m getting on a plane and I am moving to Hawaii. I feel like I am about to be alive and living for the first time. My life begins now and I couldn’t be more grateful. Lorin, you’re music has been a force and inspiration in my life. The feelings that engulfed me at your shows have forver changed me for the better. I know I am not alone here!!! I am over ecstatic to hear your music live one last time to reinforce my faith in life, music, and love 🙂

  • shanebasshead

    absolutely riveting description & relatable…again 😉 Everything continues to resonate deeply & have found empowerment through your teachings 😀

  • Lara

    That story is deep. And awesome. It’s like the makings of a modern parable. Beautiful. Preach on 🙂