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June 14th, 2016


Bassnectar - Unlimited - June 17

It’s happening again:
join us this Friday 6/17 at 6pm PT for our Unlimited Listening Adventure!

Listen to Unlimited in synch with me and thousands of bass heads from around the planet as we explore the new album TOGETHER for the first time.

We’ve done online listening parties for NVSB and Into The Sun and they were extremely special occasions, a swirling love-in of physical/digital synchronicity that brought our community truly together online, and left me reeling from the feeling, and gave me that deep rush. Goosebump business.

As Unlimited is more of a downtempo journey, this year we are encouraging more of a personal adventure. Find your best system or headphones, clear your schedule, and get immersed in a world of our creation. See you tommorrow 🙂

Official instructions for Listening Adventure optimum effect:

1) Get #UNLIMITED and prepare your player. Best to download or save offline so that you don’t fall into the notorious Abyss Of Buffering, or some other terrible fate that is probably an advertisement. Once we start there aint no stopping! You can find the album, available from midnight 6/17:

2) Find a space for immersive listening experience. Turn off your phone. Clear your schedule. Silence your demons. Ready your typing utensils so you can channel your thoughts and be part of the interactive broadcast.

3) Press play on Track #1 – Reaching Out – at 6pm PST on the dot using

4) Join me on Twitter @bassnectar to chat and follow along as we listen together in real-time harmony.

5) Tweet your experiences, reactions, confessions, and declarations of universal truth using #UNLIMITED. Let your feelings flow. Send it out like an echo…

See you Friday at 6pm PT / 9pm ET!
Lorin & The Crew