July 27th, 2016


Get the official Bass Center app
The official Bass Center 2016 app is here!


Get the official Bass Center appThis is the SPOT to get set times in advance of the event, as well as up-the-minute announcements direct from Bass Center HQ.

Plus you can scope the Silent Disco & After Party lineups, familiarize yourself with the site map, check out the non-profits who are participating, and plenty more – everything you need to hit the ground running! We also have an inbuilt social feed so you can share content, create groups, and interact with other bass heads who are gearing up for our biggest weekend ever!!!

We’ll be adding more info as it becomes available including Daytime Activities, the Pirate Radio schedule, Interactive Fungineers TV, The Haven sanctuary space and more.

Whether you’re a Colorado native or traveling from miles around: thank you for being a part of this weekend!

See you soon 🙂

  • Xebulon

    Is the Android app available yet?

  • sammymagz

    Anyone know if you’ll be able to leave the venue area to go back to your camp site and the re-enter the venue area again??

  • VatoGrande

    Anyone know if there is a mobile web version for those of us with less supported phones? ?