August 7th, 2016


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THANK YOU MOONRISE!!! Round Three was a stupendous ride, crowd packed so dense in the sweltering night air and we went INNNNNNNNN: next stop Summer Set 🙂

Photo by aLIVE Coverage.



2 Responses to “MOONRISE FAMILY PHOTO 8/6/16”
  1. Garrett Smith says:

    Was really disappointed in the crowd on this one. This was my 12th nectar show and never got rail before, so me and my bud decided this should be the first, 45 mins from home while last years set was also a throwdown, so I knew it would be special. Great experience nonetheless, but ran into some real basshead douchebags, not true bassheads of course but you know.. Anyway, we have been camping there since 12 am and suffered through the heat and miserable set of Floss. Thats when these group of kids from NY came in next to us. Rail was squeezed, people coming in when they shouldn’t. Anyway, I fucking held down and was giving this just my steady shoulder for many hours up till nectar, even though he acted cool he should’ve respected them coming in late and one of them should have dropped back. Saying “no” to move over for the fam photo, and just being a total douchebag. Then the guys to our right said how (long story short) basically that he deserves his spot on rail when nectar comes on because he’s a basshead and wants to see other people during the day too. Than the shitty moonrise crowd packing in behind us. It was just all around fucking lame. Super disappointed in some fellow b heads after that one..

    • Moss Levenson says:

      It is a shame to see that sort of thing, but hey, you’re surrounded by SO MANY people. Of course there’s going to be a few bad apples, but don’t get disappointed in bassheads. You never know who you’re going to meet. Whenever I am around people that aren’t giving me the best vibe at a show, I just wander a bit in a different direction. 99.9% of time, amazing bassheads everywhere

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