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December 23rd, 2016




We hope every one of you is feeling inspired by the holiday spirit, enjoying time with friends & family, and feeling thankful for all the miracles of life (: Our entire team wants to wish you and your family a happy holidays, and we wanted to suggest a kind of gift-giving scenario – which came to mind when watching Amelie [if you haven’t seen it, watch it, it’s about a mystical girl who spends her time helping other people in elaborate schemes and random acts of kindness].

Here is the idea: we want to give away a free pair of passes for the NYE event, with one catch: These are GIFTS TO GIVE, so whoever wins them has to give them to someone who needs them. So you basically win the gift of giving – you can give them to your friends, your family, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, you ex-girlfriend, your ex-boyfriend, a complete stranger, a seasoned bass head, or someone who has never experienced it before. It’s up to you.

Here’s how it works: we will award the tickets via a raffle, and to enter just post about something you did for someone else, some random act of kindness. You can post it below in the comments, or on socials with the tag #NYE360. This isn’t a competition, and we won’t be judging, so simply by posting below you will be added into a raffle. The winner gets to give away a pair of tickets, and, along with 10 other participants, will get to join a meet & greet backstage with Lorin & the Crew to talk about your adventures in giving back (:

So you can volunteer at a soup kitchen, or deliver canned goods or clothes to the Salvation Army, or host your own clothing drive, or simply do something nice for a friend or family member. You can team up with friends and go do nice things for total strangers, anything to brighten the lives of other people, and enjoy the magic of giving back… in large or small ways. Leave an inspiring note for someone to find, bring pancakes to work, or throw a party for your friend’s elderly dog. It’s Random Acts of Kindness, so feel free to get creative!

Enjoy your holidays & family time, and we will see you in one week!!!