January 28th, 2017


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THANK YOU COLORADO! The X Games was mayhem, freezing outdoor winter wonderland but we got heaterzzz (: Much love to you all, see you in the future!!!

Photo by Tomas Zuccareno .


  • Alex Barnes

    🙁 such a bummer. Everything online said 10:45 showtime, but it started at 9:45 and it was only an hour long set. After months of anticipation I missed the whole damn thing….

  • wobblefan

    Zero totems…i like

  • Cody

    anybody notice the desktop backgrounds lol

  • Sarah Moritz

    PLZ take a few moments to read!!!!! I’ve been trying to share my story with my fellow Bassheads and Lorin. But Facebook has no message option. I always felt I was different. I truly realized that when I was laughed off the bus in 5th grade for challenging thoughts and ideas. I struggled to find an identity and explore because it felt wrong. Like I was supposed to live in a box. Do what made “them” proud. None of that made me happy. I was always confused and found a false haven in addictive drugs. For me it was (opiates/heroin 6+yr) each has their own poison. Even to this day 1 YEAR sober I haven’t figured myself out. BUT a good friend showed me a Bassnectar track way back in 2009 and I can say I’ve never felt more connected to any music. I waited 8 LONG years of finally see him at Bass Center 2016. It was incredible. And then I was SO BLESSED to be able to witness ASPEN for the FIRST AND LIKELY ONLY NECTAR RAIL RIDE of my life. Your art has shown me the way to my own potential that saved my life. And while many fans push the limits and do too many chemicals/drugs we all still support you 808? . Please never stop creating magic.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all that listened. I hope to one day meet this beautiful soul we call Bassnectar.

    “In the wings we stay lurking, searching for the right opening and then we burst in.”