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February 22nd, 2017


Bassnectar - Grand Rapids 2016
Hello Earthlings : )

2017 is starting to take shape, and we wanted to provide you with a little sneak peak at the year ahead…

This Spring will see the release of some new music! In addition to a new mixtape, various collaborations & remixes which have been making the rounds will be available shortly: “Interlock” with ATLiens [on OWLSA], my remix of Buku‘s “Front To Back” [on Spinnin], a drum&bass collaboration with Dirtyphonics featuring the Ragga Twins called “Watch Out” [on Monstercat] and some other TBA shenanigans involving Noisia, Dorfex Bos, and others… Plus 2 new collaborative projects: a collab with G Jones, and a new side-project called NAUX FAUX which is an old-school psychedelic downtempo project I created with my longtime buddy Sayr (from “Enter The Chamber” and “Grampa Slams” back in the dayyyyy). More info on all of that in the weeks to come.

Our surprise Atlantic City event sold out faster than you can say “underground” …and we got permission to move walls around and create space for even more Bass Heads. The venue is customizable and we have spec’d out an unbelievable temple for our second ceremony in this “family gathering” series! We designed this expanded event after Basslanta last year… taking over a non-traditional venue and creating an indoor wonderland themed off the underground warehouse parties of the late ‘90s – everyone unified on one floor, no big stage for a DJ, just killer sound, interactive light and art everywhere, and beautiful people in all directions.

“Music is the Drug” has emerged as one of my favorite intentions for this year. Honoring our precious nervous systems and finding a balance between having as much fun as possible, while still being as safe and careful as possible with your once-in-a-lifetime gift: your life! Each year, while seasoned festival veterans have no problem exploring the outer realms, new people enter the scene and are not always as careful as they should be. The Bassnectar Team is committed to making our events as safe and friendly as possible, with an expanded Ambassador Program, sanctuary spaces like The Haven available to anyone who wants to chill, enhanced health & medical teams who are kind and sensitive, enough free water to end the California drought, and an ever-growing checklist of all the best ideas in the universe for how to promote safety and good health, while having the time of our lives. And this is a team effort! While we encourage a year-round approach of giving back and sharing random acts of kindness, we also encourage each and every person to look out for those around them, practice the Golden Rule, and go out of their way to help enhance the experience of others. Together we can create magic : )

Speaking of magic, festival season is right around the corner, and we have a road map of excellent adventures in store for you, some of which are springtime events, and many of which are not yet announced. Since we moved our “family gathering” concept out of Atlanta and over to Atlantic City for 2017, expect something RIDICULOUSLY SPECIAL for ATL toward the end of the year…

…and as for all you fortunetellers trying to predict when the next Bass Center will be, let’s just say it will be spread across 3 days, on one of the largest 3-day holiday weekends of the year…

Lastly: in the coming weeks, we will kick off our next installment of $/BH (Dollar Per Bass Head) where we rally the funds gathered from our shows and funnel them back into the community in support of organizations who are dedicated to improving the lives of those in need. As always, we will be asking for your help in deciding how to distribute the funds, so that you can take part in allocating the money that you helped raise : )

Stay tuned for for more announcements and details soon…

much love!!
Lorin & The Bassnectar Team