February 2nd, 2017


Bassnectar at LIB 2017Betsy Devos is a horribly unqualified choice for Education Secretary, who is being offered the position as a return favor for the hundreds of millions of dollars that her family has given to the Republican party.

She intends to siphon funds away from public school to line the pockets of her friends in the private sector without holding them accountable for our children’s education. She’s not committed to the Federal law protecting the rights of disabled children. She is terribly ignorant of the workings of the public sector and realities of student debt. The list goes on and on.

We only need one more vote against her to prevent her appointment. Phone calls made all the difference in persuading Republican Senators from Alaska and Maine, so please call your representative and compel them to vote against her nomination – especially if your Senator is Republican: we need both parties to fight this. This is not a partisan issue, this is about quality education for all American children.

Here is a list of DC office phone numbers for everyone in the Senate. Look up yours and hit them up! (You can also google the number for their state office and leave a message there too.)

Here is an example of a simple effective message you can leave: “Hello, my name is [FULL NAME]. I’m a constituent from [STATE], zip code [ZIP]. I don’t need a response. I am opposed to the nomination of Betsy Devos for Secretary of Education and I strongly encourage the Senator to please vote against her confirmation. Thank you for your hard work!”


15 Responses to “STOP BETSY DEVOS”
  1. bassRAR says:

    What a great post and resource link. Thank you!! I’m wondering if we can call other state’s senators – ? Assuming you have to give some personal information, but may as well give it a try.

    • Chris Basscrew says:

      You could, but there is a possibility that they will not tally your call if you cannot confirm a zip code (that’s why we included that bit) – so you can 1) make sure you have a relevant zip code OR 2) spread the word and get your network to help out. It takes a few seconds/minutes and if you provide the sample messaging as we have above, it makes it super easy for peeps!! 🙂

  2. Alex Flaxenburg says:

    Thanks Lorin for this post 🙂 Some valuable info for folks looking into how to contact their representatives. I think most everyone can agree she is totally unfit for the job… And don’t get me stated on his pick for sec of state…. That’s a whole nother situation…

  3. Andre Pittrovsky says:

    Agreed. Solid post. Call your state senators and congresspeople and let them know how you feel

  4. BassHead 808 says:

    Very information post, although we would all much rather see a Bass Center post so us common folk can plan our summer.

  5. Joshua says:

    Laughable for sure. Ca got millions cut from community colleges while tuition prices soar. The pawns are already set up in the matrix… agree with the camping thing fpr summer. The people dont call the shots. They sleepily only order more at the local bar.

  6. Nick BassPapa Moore says:

    She has no idea what she is doing! Now of all times is the time to stand up! Thank u lo and Basscrew for speaking up for what you and we believe in!

  7. Donald Recine says:

    Sloppily written article. First of all you can not post a meme making those list of claims against Betsy Devos with no links to actual proof. And some bullets do not make any sense. I dont think anyone “believes” in public education, hence why private schools are more sought after….because the education is better (This is just one example). You and I are entitled to our political opinions, i’m just slightly saddened I came to this website to find even MORE politics. (Also linking a profile done on DeVos by the most unfunny person on Comedy Central no less…i mean cmon give some of us some credit for having more than one functioning brain cell :/.)

    • Todd Walnutts says:

      Couldn’t agree more. It’s so disappointing to see this site post more and more about politics. Stick to what you know and keep this about music and good vibes. Such a bummer to see all this one sided political propaganda.

    • Lauren says:

      Check out this comic about privilege and rethink your comments about ‘no one believing in public education’.(
      And may be check out the documentary “The 13th” on netflix for more context if you’re really feeling like learning.

      As a country that touts its self on being about equal opportunity, there sure are a lot of areas where we have public options but they do not even come close to what you could get if you had money to pay for a private sector service. Schools specifically- any country should want intelligent citizens; it is a benefit to the nation as a whole to have an intelligent populous. Why should someone have to be born into the right circumstance (a family with money or who can afford to live in the right area for good public schools) just to have the same opportunity as someone born into a less wealthy family? They didn’t do anything to deserve a crappy school district with lesser funds, underpaid and over worked teachers-that is just chance, circumstance, the family they were born into. No program can change or account for the circumstance that people are born into but that’s not the point- the point is that to create systems that helps facilitate equal opportunity. The systems that have been tried so far have been set up for failure.
      Just like with any relationship, if you really care about it you will make it a priority. Public education is not a priority for most of our elected reps, so they ramble on and on about how horrible it is while simultaneously cutting or changing funding for the districts so they have very little chance of success-all the while still blaming the ‘horrible, ineffective public school systems’.

      If you are unable to connect these dots then maybe you need to move yourself into the category of people having only “one functioning brain cell’, also. Lorin has had strong opinions about politics since he started making music; he only holds his tongue more during shows and in these posts nowadays is because he realizes he has fans like you who think an musician should just stick to making music. Cause everyone is one dimensional, right?
      If you are able to speak for those who cannot, if you are able to invigorate or affect change for those who cannot do so alone- do it. That is what Lo is choosing to do.

      Also….your surprised to find political conversation on Bassnectar’s website; do you know much about him or just his music? It’s perfectly fine if you only know or care about his music-but don’t comment about his political opinions when you clearly have no idea his background.

  8. Todd Walnutts says:

    You really chose Trevor Noah out of all people to give a knowledgeable opinion on the subject?

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