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March 17th, 2017


David Dutton - Unalatern

Check out the wonderful work of David Dutton…

David Dutton - PortraitDavid Dutton
Film Director
Los Angeles, CA

David is an award winning music video director with an eclectic array of work under his belt. We first linked up in 2012 as fellow Bay Area artists (Amp Live introduced us) to work on the music video for ‘Ugly’… David has a knack for scouting amazing sets and on one of the days we were shooting, he and I took a quick detour with some green screen spandex body suits and some ping pong balls to shoot footage for the ‘Ping Pong’ track as well…

We worked together last spring on the video for ‘Reaching Out’ and then all summer on the ‘TKO’ video… additionally he gave our team a massive hard-drive stacked with his incredible content to sample for video remixes!

“I think the most important thing a music video does is to enhance the feeling you get from listening to a track. Or spotlight a style that you want the fans to associate with the artist. Sometimes I see videos that are large grandiose narratives, that can look visually stunning or admirable as a successful production; but it won’t do service to the song’s vibes. I try to take my budgets and then think to myself, with this in my hand, how do I turn it into the feeling I had when I listened to that track.”

“There’s so much I want to do in the world of visuals, but I think at this stage I know the style that I like to see, and it’s getting easier to surrender to those thoughts and let them appear in my concepts.”

We have many more ideas in the works together, so stay tuned!

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