March 1st, 2017


Bassnectar - Dollar Per Bass Head 2017Give the gift of giving!

The concept behind $/BH is that we put a dollar for every ticket sold into a charity fund [Le Bass Banc] and then we donate to charities, organizations & nonprofits which do amazing things to support health, community, family. They exist to enrich the lives of others, so we support them: you can find out more about these awesome programs, and possibly get involved with them on a deeper level through volunteering or spreading the word!

This year we are focusing on campaigns which offer emotional care and support to people who are struggling, feel alone or depressed, and which promote positive interactions both online and offline. You could say we are focusing on anti-bullying, but β€˜bully’ is almost too narrow of a word… it confines the mind to the image of an oversized 5th grader teasing some 2nd graders on a playground. In reality, human interaction can be cruel, ruthless, brutal and horrifying – even in simple social media, online, in everyday life…

In addition to encouraging ‘random acts of kindness’, and urging people to ‘treat others as you want to be treated’ – we want to go a step further by highlighting organizations which face these issues head on with positive results. Life is so short, and each moment flashes by so quickly: you have a choice in every moment regarding how you are going to spend your time, how you are going to behave in public, and how you are going to make other people feel. We want to see positive change in how humans interact, and we hope you will join us in exploring and supporting these awesome organizations.

For this chapter of $/BH we are taking $50,000 which YOU have helped us raise at shows, and will disperse it out by showcasing each organization in turn, then letting you vote for the one closest to your heart: the org with the most votes will get $20k, the 2nd will get $10k, and the other 4 will get $5k each. Everybody gets something supportive, and everyone gets a bit more educated on positive change. Just click here to begin!

We make these donations on your behalf, in honor of all the positive energy and love that you bring to our community. Thank you for participating πŸ™‚

– Lorin


  • seth DOLLAR PER BASS HEAD = Such a great way to spread love to those that want to help contribute & try to make a difference! i was just listening to “Boom Box” such a great classic anthem. anyways it pondered on me about starting “BASS FOR THE CURE” got to admit it has a nice little ring to it & with all the different ways for it to be structured. i honestly feel like theres something hidden inside waiting to be unraveled like Lorin dropping a brand new song at a show.


    Yes, this is lengthy but you will see the Wild Style Method to my madness, please read all to fully understand what it is that i’m brainstorming & getting at πŸ™‚

    1.) participate with Breast cancer awareness month OR other local events like farmers market, catering to elders, community service in a well thought out manner. – Just brainstorming on a fresh idea. feel free to call me @ 479-713-9765 if you have any comments, ?’s or concerns.

    2.) Or… collectively get together and address specific issues in different parts of the country to where we can actually contribute to the cause and make a difference. I am all for freedom of speech and all that but “protesting” with a sign… what did you really accomplish to make a true difference i.e. (Attending town hall meetings RESPECTFULLY.) Take a T/O & think of how you could be more productive of your time. No reason to be disrespectful, rude or mean. Only then does your ignorance overcome your intelligence and then you become no better than the person(s) that you are talking/complaining about. its sad to see so many adults these days throw out one of the cardinal rules of adolescence, “Be the BIGGER person & do the right thing. (media/politics…) πŸ™

    3.) Major concern… talk is cheap and doesn’t mean really anything. our actions define who we are & what we represent. Before, after or during a show, L could throw out some local topics for that specific area that he is playing and let the Bass Heads round up to see how to proceed. & its not like we are all strangers, everyone and their momma knows that when you go to a show you are family with everyone. We are very blessed so lets take advantage of that.

    side note; I am one of those people who can be in a crowd of 10,000 & if i see something wrong or someone needs help etc. i am not the type to wait on someone else to react & help. Music is The Drug. NOT PILLS or DRUGS!!! i had to watch my brother get taken off life support from accidental overdosing & it has scarred me for life πŸ™ Trust me when i say that i’ve seen many shows sober & the energy/vibes, the bass & lights… its all still there right up in yo face with a magical twilight experience. only difference is you remember stuff the next day instead of having your phone out recording an experience thats meant to be live.

    2nd side note; after we lost my brother. we did a fundraiser for the local animal shelter & raised close to 6 grand to help dogs & cats find homes etc. theres an infinite amount of things we can do.
    – This right here made me think that what if we took aim at helping addicts start the process of recovery & getting help or go to schools and do something like a speech awareness. This is a prime topic of something we all know isn’t good but tend to act like it doesn’t exist or we are waiting on our Government (lol) to fix the EPIDEMIC. bottom line is many young adults lose their live before getting to live and what does that say about us if we don’t try & collectively help. I just do not want people to continue to go thru such a painful tragedy when it could’ve been so easily avoided.

    3rd note; Common traits in very successful people, THEY DONT PROCRASTINATE or sit around after receiving good advice or having what could be an awesome idea, & be like ” yeah ill get to that next week…” don’t make excuses because life is very short my friends & get to work.

    – Corny sayings for the day πŸ™‚ “Where there is a will, there is a way.”
    “Can’t never could.”
    “Short term sacrifices = Long term success.”

    Lyrics from BoOmBox; “There is nothing in life that i cant achieve!” – So true

    This wont be easy, but what in life worth having comes easy??? it’ll take a lot of planning and many people will call me crazy,… just let this simmer on the mind & watch the ideas flood in once you know that there is an army of Bass Heads that have your back and are willing to help.. think of ways we can take the resources we already have to influence positive impact. Stay smart, proactive, & unified. Something big will happen. Look at dollar per Bass Head. id be willing to put in 5-10$ for Bass for The Cure and help cure a world in need.

    Thank you to all who take this serious & don’t forget to stay happy, healthy & courteous.

    This is why i propose BASS FOR THE CURE!!! We 360 πŸ™‚ KeEp ThE pArTy LiVe

    • Joey

      This is an article from the Boston Globe about Police in Gloucester, MA. They help addicts who turn themselves in towards recovery instead of putting them behind bars. Since you mentioned helping addicts I thought you’d like to see how well this program is doing if you haven’t heard about it yet. It’s only the first step but it seems to be producing better health for these people than locking them up. If you showed this to any local law enforcement it’s possible they could start or expand their stance on helping people who are suffering from addiction. Good luck! I’ll throw in my own cheesy saying too: Be the change you wish to see in the world πŸ™‚

      • seth

        i will most certainly look into this! Thanks for sharing

  • seth

    my vote is in… is yours?

    Definately need to look into a non profit that is helping recovering opiate addicts or standing up to the big Pharma companies (Real war on drugs) for 2018. Or maybe we should start one?

  • YoShua