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March 23rd, 2017


Sebastian Wahl - Coalescence

Och Chan YopaatSebastian Wahl
New York, NY

Sebastian’s mission is to take collage to new and uncharted territories.

His work encompasses everything from psychedelic landscapes to iconic, mandalic and spiritual surrealism. The attention to detail and sense of symmetry, balance and color bring all the elements included in his pieces together to create countless harmonious mirages.

Sebastian creates three-dimensional collages by layering images on a hardened layer of clear resin before pouring a successive layer on top. This process is repeated as many as fifteen times, resulting in artworks that measure up to one inch in depth. This layering technique is very important since it gives his collages a unique edge and spotlights the artist’s skill and dedication to his craft. The actual shadows cast between the individual layers create a sense of curiosity and wonder, drawing one in to explore the work more intimately.

In Spring of last year, we teamed up with Sebastian and Black Lake Media members Matt Cummer and Nick Grimshaw to create a one-of-a-kind live visual piece for ‘Journey To The Center’. Sebastian created the still composition as a layered resin piece, and Black Lake ‘brought it to life’ as a digital creation, meticulously animating each element layer by layer, and timing each element perfectly to the beat of the song.

And here’s a timelapse video of his original resin collage:

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