March 23rd, 2017


Takayuki Sato - Beyond The Moment Of Beauty

Takayuki SatoTakayuki Sato
Design / Animation / Direction
Tokyo, Japan

Takayuki is a freelance motion designer and director, currently based in Japan.

After starting his career in 1999 at a post-production company in Tokyo, Takayuki moved to the US in 2004 to study English and motion graphics at university. He began working in motion graphics in LA in 2006 as designer and animator to gain some experiences, and in 2009 he moved to Prologue Films, where he got the opportunity to work on several feature films.

After nine years in the US, Takayuki returned to Japan in 2013 to take care of his family. He resumed his career in Japan, where he made his first directed short-film ‘The Moment of Beauty’. The follow-up, ‘Beyond the Moment of Beauty – Into the Galaxy’ was complete recently – check it out:

After he gave the files for ‘The Moment of Beauty’ to our team to cut a visual remix to ‘Enter The Chamber’, we were delighted when he sent over the pro res for this follow-up for similar interactive sampling and remixing. Even more exciting, he plans to make a total of 5 chapters in this video series over the next few years, so stay tuned : )

Takayuki is currently creating motion designs for clients across the US, Europe and Asia, and recently worked on Star Trek Beyond, Emerald City, and Heroes Reborn.

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