March 23rd, 2017


Tommie Geraedts - Unlimited Combinations

Tommie GeraedtsTommie Geraedts
Video Director
Amsterdam, NL

Tommie Geraedts is a short-form film director from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He likes to dip into surreal and illustrative worlds to visualize things that are not always there.

With a background in design and visual effects he weaves the fabrics of these disciplines together with live action film to tell his stories. Next to music videos, he has also directed award-winning short films and commercials.

The search for spirituality and purpose is a central theme in Tommie’s often visceral work. Nature supplies inspiration for these themes. He also likes hiking through the mountains and having adventures in far away countries.

Tommie made a short using my track “Unlimited Combinations” as its soundtrack – check it out:

“The starting point for the video was the title ‘Unlimited Combinations’, which reminded me of the limitless ways to perceive life. Everyone creates their own reality in their own minds, slight differences from one person to another. Can you see the same colour blue as the blue that I see? There is more then meets the eye and I was curious towards the perception of people that cannot see light at all.”

“Take blind people – they must have access to another reality that’s much more perceptive in some ways than ours. I imagine they hear instead of see the walls around them. A silence in conversation seems stronger. Imagine how they think of nature and trees and mountains without ever seeing them. So abstract. I want to believe they possess an unlimited capability to creatively make these images in their heads, just like we dream the craziest things sometimes.

“In the short film I wanted to contrast this with a character that doesn’t dare to dream as much and is battling with her own fears on a whole different level.”

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