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April 26th, 2017


A BassNetwork Project
BASS HEADS: Our first special event of 2017 is upon us – a two-night gathering in Atlantic City! We have gone ALL OUT in preparing a massively special + immersive experience. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of every moment (:


Water makes the world go round! As always, we strongly encourage you to stay hydrated throughout the night – drinking plenty of water gives you energy, keeps your muscles healthy for dancing, and helps to make sure your body is happy all night long. There will be water stations inside the venue, in The Haven, and a mob of Ambassadors hydrating the crowd all night!

Ear Safety
Be on the lookout for ear plugs to keep your precious ears safe! You can find these at the merch booths, The Haven, or with Ambassadors – shoutout to HeadCount for bringing these through! Do yourself a massive favor and protect those ears so that you can enjoy music for many years to come (:

Know Your Limits
Music Is The Drug: You will have an amazing time this weekend no matter what, but if you are going to partake in drinking alcohol, coffee, or whatever else you decide to do, please be mindful and don’t overdo it. Your body, mind, and nervous system are precious, so be aware and look out for each other. If you see someone who looks like they are having a rough time: go check on them, or walk them to The Haven so they can chill, or help them get some water, or take them under your wing for the night. Whatever it takes to ensure that we all have the best experience possible!


The Haven
Our sanctuary space will be returning in 2017, so be sure to stop in, say hi, and relax – you can grab some water or tea, a small snack, take a break, get a massage, stretch, or meet some new friends! This is a space to get away from it all if you need – we want you to feel as comfortable as possible at our events, even if it means escaping the madness for a breather! Ambassadors will be in there to greet you and make you feel at home (:


Gift Altar
This is a new addition to our special events! Located in The Haven, you can come leave a gift and pick up a keepsake in return. Please bring something special to add to the mix – we are very excited to see how you all bring this space to life. Please bring something light in weight, which is NOT throwable or easily tossed and could potentially harm someone. Please also make sure whatever you do end up bringing adheres to the allowed/prohibited list provided by the venue. That info is available HERE.

WHAT YOU CAN BRING: a small piece of artwork, a pin, a photo, some jewelry, a book you’re into + want to share, a mix CD or cassette tape or USB drive, a piece of clothing, a sweet note, and so on!

Creativity Zones
We’ve added some new creative spaces into the mix!! We will have several creative spaces set up for collaborative paintings, art projects, ways to connect with bass heads, meetup spots for pen pals + new friends, photo booths, more spaces to stretch, icebreaker games, and hundreds of Ambassador projects! Arrive early to explore these fun and interactive areas – can’t wait to see what you create!!

Live Artists + Performers
The theme for this event is creativity! As you explore the venue, keep an eye out for live painters, artists, and roaming performers! They have some special plans for this event and we’re happy to bring them in to add to your experience (:

We partnered with HeadCount to host a few non-profit organizations inside the venue near the Creativity Zones! We’re happy to welcome DanceSafe, Love is Louder, and the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative to our event. Please stop by and learn more about what they’re up to and about – they do some great things nationwide, so please stop by to get involved and show some love.

They’re also having drawings each night to give away pairs of tix to the official after parties!! To enter you just have to take actions with the non-profits. There’ll also be an auction for Bassnectar signed collectibles, and of course free ear plugs! These causes are important to us so be sure to stop by and learn more!


As we said, there will be 100+ Ambassador projects happening simultaneously throughout the night!! As you journey around the venue, be on the lookout for loads of interactive possibilities like the hug menu, tarot card readings, a family photo banner, parachute games, a dream wall, and SO MANY MORE!

LED Parade
On night 1, we invite you to join us for an electric parade as our Ambassador and roaming performers lead the way towards the music. Meet up near the Creativity Zones at 10 PM, follow the lights and join in with your own style!

Body Art
Want to decorate your body for this special occasion? Ambassadors + members of the Bassnectar Community will be set up to help you express your own style with glitter, henna tattoos, hair wraps, and face + body painting!

Bass Head Cleanups
LEAVE IT LIKE YOU FOUND IT: Ambassadors will be handing out trash bags at the end of the Bassnectar sets each night, so stick around and help out if you can! There will also be a boardwalk + beach cleanup happening on Saturday at Noon! More info + RSVP HERE!


That really just scratches the surface for this weekend. We’re doing all we can to create the most magical adventures for you and your crew!

Shout-out to Lorin, the Bassnectar Crew, the Ambassadors, the venue + staff, and ALL OF YOU for traveling from near and far to be a part of another gathering! We can’t wait to be with all of you (:

– Your Bass Network Team

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