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April 12th, 2017


Bassnectar presents Bass Center X - Hampton VA

We have wrapped up another round of Dollar Per Bass Head and here are the results!

For the first time in $BH history, we have a first-place tie… So we are splitting the 1st and 2nd place funds between the two.

Democracy Now! – gets $15k
Boys And Girls Club Of America – gets $15k

And then our runners up each get $5k:
Cyber Civil Rights Initiative
Kind Campaign
Love Is Louder
The Trevor Project

If you voted, thank you for taking time to engage with these issues – and if you were inspired by the nonprofits we highlighted this year, please visit their websites via the links below to learn more about how you can support. Even if you don’t have time or money to spare, you can still spread their message through your own actions and with the people around you.

And a big thanks again for your own contributions to this fund – we are always honored to make these donations on your behalf, and it’s so great to see the positive energy of our community impacting those who need it most.