April 18th, 2017


Freestyle Sessions - Colorado - 2017

And now for something completely different…


July 7, 8 & 9 – 2017

You are invited to join us in a new experiment as we flip the script, reach back into the vault, and let the music take control. We are taking over a room in colorado, removing the stage, building a little dj booth for various humans to jam out inside of, while you can get lost in the crowd. close your eyes, put your phone away. stop texting, stop tweeting, stop thinking. don’t take pictures, don’t try and record the moment. don’t sit at home and watch this on youtube, come experience it live, the way dance parties used to feel, the way house parties feel, the way it feels to be out in the middle of nowhere just vibing on good sound. The music can be anything we want it to be, but please don’t come expecting anything: we don’t fux with your expectations, we wanna have F.U.N. – throwback jams into the acid jazz and downtempo trip-hop of the ’90s, old school funk and soul and experimental hip-hop, futuristic bass music, unreleased tracks never played before, and old classics which we haven’t heard in years… and everything in between. everything plus the kitchen sink… or maybe not. or maybe so. who knows? just come to have fun, bring your friends, close your eyes and let your body move : )

UPDATE: 3-Day Tickets are sold out! Limited single day tickets available.

This is an All Ages show.
There is no presale for this event.
There are two separate ticket types: GA Floor and GA Bowl.
VIP Packages are sold out!

Click here for tickets

July 7 tickets:
July 8 tickets are SOLD OUT
July 9 tickets:
VIP Packages:

Click here for local hotel info + special rates via our partners at Curadora

Facebook RSVP


Allowed Items:

> Empty Camelbaks (the carrier may have no more than 2 main compartments and 1 small compartment)
> Earplugs
> Reusable light-up toys
> Non-professional digital and film cameras, including cellphone cameras
> Soft-sided small backpacks and bags (12” x 12” x 12”)
> Totems may only be 6 ft. tall and constructed on a cardboard tube, no other materials allowed, and cannot be dangerous to public safety
> Costumes
> Masks (All masks must be removable and are subject to search when entering the venue)\
> Face paint
> Reasonable amount of inflatable toys
> One factory-sealed bottle of water 20oz or less — caps will be removed at search
> Sealed: cigarette packages, tampons, over-the-counter medications, packs of gum, and chapstick/lip gloss
> Lighters
> Prescription and OTC medications subject to specific conditions (with government-issued photo
ID that matches name on printed prescription)

Prohibited Items:

> Any professional cameras, GoPro cameras any video, and/or any audio equipment
> Unsealed: cigarette packages, tampons, packs of gum, chapstick/lip gloss
> Outside alcohol/food/beverages/cans
> Hula hoops
> Electronic or vapor cigarettes
> Drug paraphernalia
> Vitamins
> Instruments
> Large bags or backpacks
> Water guns, water balloons, and/or any other kind of water projectile
> Glowsticks
> Focus light beam devices of any kind, including laser pointers
> Air horns/whistles
> Flyers and stickers
> Marker pens and spray paint
> Stuffed animals or dolls
> Tripods, monopods, and selfie-sticks
> Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, roller shoes, ice skates, etc.
> Hard case containers


Alpha Parking lot opens at 2pm and the rest of the parking lots open at 4pm. No one will be permitted to line up outside of the building before 2pm on show day.

All driving directions and parking information available HERE.

  • Zachary King

    Oh those sounds so magical

  • Maddie Morgan

    dreams do come true!!!!!!!!!!

  • dallas mcguire

    Do you have to buy individual tickets or can you buy all three?

    • Sarah Harris

      I called the First Bank Center and they said there will be 3 day passes on sale Friday 10 am!

      • dallas mcguire

        Thank you! I’m assuming 10 mountain time?

        • Spencer Poryles

          Yea most likely

      • Brooke DeWitt

        it wont let you get a 3 day floor ticket tho:(

  • Reid Zielinski

    Show the west coast some love<3 (the gorge next year) or cuthbert amphitheater after eclipse.

    • Andrew Deichler

      LiB and Eclipse for me! But god damn Nectar at the cuthbert would be crazy too

      • Reid Zielinski

        Would be insane! Place would be packed, dub fest was dope there last year

        • Andrew Deichler

          Dubfest was fucking wiiiild.

  • Spencer Poryles


  • Allison Marie

    SOOO Happy you are making a Colorado stop this summer! I started to get worried when all your festival announcements were coming out and we weren’t on the list. Thank you for this!!

  • Bill Sussman Jr.


  • Spencer Poryles

    how much are tickets and will there be a 3 day pass?

    • Sarah Harris

      I called the First Bank Center and they said there will be 3 day passes

      • Spencer Poryles


  • Nick BassPapa Moore

    Coming in hot!

  • James Tyler Toyne

    How much are tickets going to be?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hit the button above that says GET TICKETS – it holds all the info you seek 🙂

      • Bill Franzheimer

        Chris Basscrew for president 2020 ?? U dude

        • Shawn Haught

          FOR REAL. Always helping and pointing in the right direction on a few different social media platforms.

  • Dave_CO

    The LEGEND returns. Always saving something special for us…

  • seth


    can someone please tell me what the acronym F.U.N stands for??? i still cannot figure that out and it has been driving me loco for over a year. PLEASE inform me so i can lay this to rest 🙂

    • hafrica13

      Finally Understanding Noise.

    • overlook

      I asked seth drake about this and he said, “we decided to take it to our graves. so the best thing you can do is just have your own meaning like we do =]”

      • seth

        Touche… its funny that me and my buddy drake have been makin music for what seems like eons now & then when i learned about Seth Drake, i was like what are the chances. Shout out to Seth Drake one hell of a mastermind!!!

        • hahaha, that’s awesome! amen to that. he’s dope as fuck!

      • seth

        hey man big props for what you have on soundcloud! diggin the tunes. lmk if you wana ever work on some ideas

  • Stephen Acierno

    can we submit music to play?

  • Chris Harrington

    I’m going July 8th! So excited!!!! Just curious is it a solo act or do you have friends joint you during this event @Bassnectar ? 😀

    • anon

      pretty sure Thriftworks tweeted that he will be joining. no confirmed openers yet though

      • Chris Harrington


  • Shit you best believe I’m getting in on this. Is this going to be a huge b2b with people from the crowd comping up throwing on jams? I got some old school bass nectar vinyls I’d be down to bring out if this is the case.

  • Zachary Schaden

    Does having Floor tickets allow you to get into the Bowl area too?

    • Tom Techmanski


    • Joe Conway


    • Shawn Haught

      yes that is correct.

  • Pam Theisen

    When will three-day passes be available?

    • Zachary Schaden

      in 5 minutes. 10am MTN

    • Chris Basscrew

      Info listed above!! Should be live ASAP 🙂

  • shanebasshead

    gonna level UP for this 1 methinks!

  • Brooke DeWitt

    why is there an option for a 3 day floor ticket, and it’s not even a thing??

    • Chris Basscrew

      They may be in checkout carts already, keep trying!

      • Jim

        I was on the site right at 10:00, by 10:01 adding items to cart. Floor wasn’t an option

        • Chris Basscrew

          Where are you looking?

          Sunday floor is still available by the way

          • jim

            Was looking at 3-day passes. site said there shouldve been floor, but i only had GA as an option. then by 10:30 i tried individual days and those didnt have an option either (probably sold out?).

          • Jim

            only had GA bowl as an option*

          • Jewish Fergussion

            Sooo dj set? Does that mean beats elevator music?

        • Lauren

          I had the same thing happen for my 3 day passes; I clicked to buy them and it never gave me the option to pick between floor or bowl. Maybe they were gone already for the 3 day passes? My order was complete by 10:02 :/

  • Jim

    Trying to buy Floor but only Bowl is an option. Anyone else?

    • Jroop

      Floor was sold out basically in a couple minutes.

  • Patterson Lentz

    So is there anyway to go from bowl to floor? I only could get one option and purchased 3 day Bowl when I’m definitely looking for 3 day floor.

    Says all ticket sales are final

    • Shawn Haught

      Same here, called altitude and said i could upgrade if there were still floor tickets……. too bad floor was all sold out.

      • Patt

        Ty I needed to hear that, kept looking back thru and same options

  • Irene

    Any word on line up? I saw thriftworks had posted about playing with bassnectar again soon but that’s my only lead?

  • Tommy Jakobs

    Not seeing a 3 day floor pass option for tickets. Am I blind or are they sold out?

    • Christopher Chapman

      I think they sold out in the first half an hour.

  • satkirtankaurkhalsa

    I do not understand the difference between the bowl and the floor. I looked at the map. If there are little DJ booths, are the people in the bowl not going to have access to that area? How will that work?

  • Kristine Padgett

    is Bassnectar actually going to be at this show? It doesn’t sound like he is from the description of what is going on.

    • Jenny Ro

      Right, I am asking myself the same question, is Bassnectar playing?

      • He’s playing! Oh yes indeed. Three nights, three sets, three directions. This is going to be one for the books.

        • Topher Sheppard

          Will openers be announced or is it just nectar?

  • Josh Lampert

    What’s the deal about “themes”? I’ve been reading on Reddit and some are stating specific themes for each night. I’m assuming they don’t know what they’re talking about since that defeats the purpose of what the flyer is intending. Is there any credible backing to these claims? I’m virtually non-existent on social media, so if these themes were discussed I completely missed them. Any info would be grand but no info would also be grand… I like surprises… I think? ??

    • Shawn Haught

      If you look at the poster, go down the column of genres and that’s what will be played each night. I cant seem to find the source of what each night is but it came from somewhere creditable.

    • Joe Conway

      On his Facebook

  • haroot

    I rather attend an Event thrown by Lorin Himself or Dylan, even though Lorin is pissed off at me like a Child I could give Two Shits . Maybe if he trainwrecked less aka did a proper job always I wouldn’t bitch at him. For example his set at Middlelands was proper and professional. We got families to feed too Lorin. Not to mention You call it a Freestyle yet it truly isn’t an ODP Freestyle Event but it is still Artistic and Interesting.

  • Jacob

    I have two 3 day GA tickets ($400 total) that I need to sell unfortunately.

    Flash Seats only allows transfers for this show so I’m not sure what the best way to sell them would be considering I don’t live in CO, but let me know if anyone is interested and we can figure something out!

    • Chris Basscrew

      PayPal only please!!!

      • Jacob

        Got it! Also, haven’t had much luck yet so I’m definitely willing to be flexible with the price if anyone’s into it!

        • Katelyn Swanner

          would you be willing to trade a Basscenter ticket for one of those Freestyle tickets?

          • Jacob

            Which ticket?

          • Cole Adam

            I will buy both 3 day passes right now for $400.

    • Kalia Prince

      Are your tickets still available?

      • jacob

        They are indeed

        • Kalia Prince

          Would you be willing to sell one of the two?

        • Kalia Prince

          Jk I would need 2! Are they floor or bowl?

          • Jacob

            Kk, sold! They are bowl tickets. What’s gonna be the best way to contact you?

          • Kalia Prince

            My email is, email me and I’ll give you my phone #! If that works! Thanks!!

    • hayley douglas

      Hey!! Do you still have on of those tickets?? Or know where to get one last minute

  • Kalia Prince

    3 day passes are sold out?

    • Yes, only single day tickets available.

      • Kalia Prince

        Okay but single day passes for all 3 days are available right?

        • Yes single passes are available for all 3 days! But I think probably given that we had to cut off 3-day passes, they won’t be available for every night for much longer.

          • Kalia Prince

            Hey Ed do you know if you have bowl tickets can you be in the stands?

          • Yes I think stands/bowl is the same ticket type. Floor is the other.

          • Kalia Prince

            Oh that’s what I meant!! I just remember for basscenter we had bowl tickets and couldn’t be on the floor but the floor people were able to sit in the stands

          • hayley douglas

            Hey Ed, would you happen to know where to find a 3 day ticket?

          • Hi Hayley – your best bet might be to buy Friday and Sunday tickets and then try and buy a Saturday ticket from Cash Or Trade, or Magnolia Miracle, to find a face value ticket. Don’t buy from scalpers! (Which is anyone selling for above face value.) Good luck 🙂

  • hayley douglas

    Hey guys….the ticket I got unfortunately was a fake :/ Does anyone know where I can get a last minute ticket for this weekend?

  • Dave A Tylka

    Only kind of show I wud love to hit up !!!!

  • Garrett Grady

    Anyone have a Saturday ticket?

  • Ellsky

    anyone post these sets to soundcloud?