April 25th, 2017



I wanted to share a pretty cool note I got from a person who wants to start going to shows sober: he wrote me seeking help in getting rid of his AC ticket – he was concerned that being in the environment of a show may tempt him to drink or party too hard.

Without judgements, I just wanted to share my own perspective that while it’s an amazing feeling to get high off the music (and ‘the vibe’) of a live music experience, it by no means needs to go hand-and-hand with drug abuse, or even with taking drugs or drinking. Again without judgements (many thinkers, artists, humans who I love and admire have experimented with drugs – and many have had positive experiences), I shared that from my own experience I prefer a clear head, a healthy body, and a nervous system with heightened sensitivity – I prefer health over ‘fun’, and while I enjoy the occasional glass of red wine or strong green tea, I never take anything hard.

I know a lot of people experiment, and some go way too far (some lack the experience to know how to make the right decision with a dose or a combination, some feel peer pressure from others – and some people recklessly take things they shouldn’t in order to ‘get fucked up’) …I offered to introduce him to some people in the community who go to shows to connect with other humans in that clear state, and who simply get high off the music. I figured maybe he could make some new friends, and be a bridge by introducing his new friends to his existing social circle. Again, with respect to drug use, I am BY NO MEANS interested in shaming anyone, or even suggesting that one approach is better than the other, but I do very much wish to support him making the decision to do what he feels is right for him, and I love the idea of assisting in the formation of new friendships.

Also, I just have to say, as an artist, I have zero interest in seeing my fans get ‘fucked up’ – I don’t glorify violence of any kind, and I think that reckless drug abuse can be a form of violence. Just as it would be dangerous to stop breathing for 5 minutes, or to not drink water for 2 days, I think it can be dangerous to ingest various chemicals in order to get a buzz. It may not ALWAYS be dangerous, but there is a risk! And in my opinion it’s not worth the risk – I have lost several dear friends to drug overdoses, and I have seen several people’s lives SHATTERED by drug abuse, by alcohol abuse, or by not living with a deep gratitude for health, and the care that comes with it – so I hope to inspire that care in anyone reading this : )

If you agree, take a second of complete gratitude for the magic and magnificence of your body, your nervous system, your ability to see, to read, and their ability to think, breathe, and exist. Your body is the ultimate gift, and I encourage you to cherish it.

I hope this weekend as we descend on Atlantic City, we can all take extra special care of ourselves, as well as going out of our way to take care of each other. This event is sold out and will be completely packed with thousands of people, it can get overwhelming and while I want to turn the FUN up to maximum, I also want everyone to stay safe : )

So if you are thinking of attending without drugs or alcohol and want to make a new friend, please email and we will put you in touch with other bass heads who have the same attitude and will be there this weekend.

Again, NO JUDGEMENTS: we love you *ALL* and we are thrilled for the wild adventures that are about to take place in just a few days…. travel safe!

  • Anthony Fuciarelli

    fucking preach

  • Nila Sharifai

    Hey Lorin!

    Last time I did drugs was at your MSG show. I had a moment where I decided that I was more excited to see you and got upset that my mind got clouded by what I was on. I decided then and there that I would stop. I’ve been to plenty of your shows since (EDC Orlando, Basscenter in CO, Okeechobee,etc) and chose to be completely sober the entire time. I had even MORE fun knowing that I was high on life!

    I recently sold my tickets to Basslantic because my cousin was murdered in an act of heroism. He was defending a girl who was being abused by her boyfriend and got shot in the process. I couldn’t bare the thought of trying to enjoy myself when my mind has been flooded with so much confusion, sadness and anger. I worried that I would make a bad choice or even ruin the experience for others. I’ll still be in NY, sending my love to all the bassfreaks.

    My cousin, Sina, loved your music too. I made him catch your set at Electric Forest and he texted me the following day thanking me for introducing him to your music. You have had such a positive impact on me and him, just thought you should know. ??

    -Nila Sharifai

  • Ryan Wohlfeil

    The sad fact of the matter is, I personally chose not to attend events/shows specifically for this reason. A large part of my life has been dedicated to electronic music, I grew up on Digital Empire beats, Paul Oakenfold and the Chemical Brothers. I read an artical a few months ago about “PLUR” and how it has degraded the electronic music scene, and the sad fact of the matter is, an absured percentage of people who follow shows and festivals are only there to sell our use drugs. Personally, I can have a better focus and concentration on the music I like without attending events, I much rather enjoy it that way, hey though thats my honest opinion, mind you I live in central WA, 20mins from the Gorge Ampitheatre and 2hrs away from Spokane and Seattle, 3 hours from Portland. Within the last year I could have literally seen almost every EDM artist, I usually pick my events carefully and pretty much never stay till the end of one because the “scene” is just too disgusting. IMHO.

  • Tom Vafiades

    I’m in the same boat as this guy! It’s not impossible, I still can hang with the homies who get messed up without avoiding them. You just need to realize whats good for yourself and make the best choices in the moment; regarding the concert, its about the music, dancing and making people smile while you’re there. Get high by going for a run instead, I’ll be at the courtyard marriott if anyone is interested in running before friday’s set and saturday morning. Great way to gain that energy naturally, never feel the urge to do drugs or drink after physical activity. Please get in touch with me if running in a group interests you, I promise you’ll feel great after. I’ll be at other festivals doing the same thing throughout the summer!

  • Stephen Kime

    This really hits home. I’m going on 2 years sober and it’s sometimes a lot to take in when going to shows now a days. The best experiences and shows I’ve seen I’ve been sober for, because I actually have been able to be there full mind and body for the experience and not fogged at all. I went to the first night of Halloween sober and met some cool people and had a blast. I feel like too many people are worried about getting spun at shows.

    All I know is I wanted to thank you for always being the realest and this showed me a lot about how there’s more people out there not getting fucked up at shows. Sober not boring.

  • JP Morin

    Hey Lorin,
    Bass music is my high! I’m not putting down anyone who does prefer to take something hard to enhance their experience but I prefer to be clear headed and I want to remember every second of your show! My crew is super supportive and cool with whatever choice I make and that’s why I love my friends. Even though I’m usually the only sober one around, bass music makes my soul move. I’m so bummed I had to sell my ticket because work needs me this weekend ?. See you next time and I know you’ll kill it this weekend for my Portland, Maine crew! All love!


  • Nick BassPapa Moore

    I’ve been going sober for years now! Fresh air Fresh BASS and good vibes go along way. Stoked for my BDAY Friday. There is something beautiful about clarity. ALL are welcome to come rage in a safe environment by me with no judgement. πŸ™‚ Just be careful and ALWAYS look out for yourself and others. <3

  • Carlos

    ima be sober! wheres this guy at we can chill!

  • Loaf

    Congratulations to you fellow fellow! It’s a long and difficult road leading up to making that difficult decision to turn away from a whole drug identity, so first of all props and YAY! I’ve been there myself and I just want to say that seeing the artists you love is not impossible while being sober. In fact it’s so much more wonderful, focused and REAL. Of course, initially it can be a toxic environment when surrounded by familiar stopping grounds, but you are not alone. I have found a group of bassheads for sobriety through the fellowship and let me tell you, fun is to be had, heads are to be banged and love’s abound!

    Thank you for this, Lorin. Beautifully expressed- gets me super hype reading it. I’ve had some of the most incredible moments and trips at your shows, and honestly I was worried it wouldn’t be as invigorating with out my girls Lucy, Molly or Mary. I was in intermediate care for addiction when I first saw you sober this past DeltaPlex run and boy were my worries put to fkin rest… It was INTENSE, it was heavy and I don’t think I had felt that alive in a long, looong time. I had lots of restrictions as from my living situation, and typically taking a leave to go to an electronic show would never be considered (is what they told me), but I wrote a few pages on what you mean to me and stand for, quoting your synopsis’s on Reaching Out and Music Is The Drug, and they heard you! I was able to go and enjoy myself and the other people there without a concern for maintaining a certain level of synthetic disinhibition. There was a sober table there for me when my friends were dropping out and I felt out of control. I was air punching and gyrating like no ones business and I felt like I could float away afterward- so THANK YOU! You truly inspire.


  • dylan phillips

    thank you for this <3

  • Samantha Lauren Brown

    To my friend that sent this message to Lorin, wherever you are in this great wide world-

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This is a potent decision to make for your life, one that should be honored and respected- first and foremost by YOU, and secondly by your friends and family. You’ve decided that this is what SERVES you. There is a level of bravery that comes with making the decision to separate yourself from these mind altering substances- and I believe you should be celebrated and admired for your choice towards clarity. My advice is to be open and honest with your friends- let them know that this is something you really want to be a part of, but that you’re nervous to attend given your recent decision for your life. More than likely, if they are truly friends without judgment, they will respect you and make sure you have a blast at this gathering YOUR way. If you find yourself feeling tempted or overwhelmed- I would be happy to grab some fresh air with you and listen to your concerns or feelings. I’m Sam, by the way πŸ™‚ I will be face and body painting at the event night 1 so feel free to find me and sit with me <3 even grab a paint brush and get creative with me! I will be attending both nights, however. My name on Facebook is Samantha Lauren Brown- add me! If you get to feeling overwhelmed at any point- please reach out to me. I would be more than happy to walk with you and be an ear for you to voice your emotions or just your thoughts in general. Sometimes, it feels incredible to just let out whatever it is you've been holding in to someone who can just take on your words for a bit and hold them no matter how heavy they may seem πŸ™‚ Sending you so much love, friend. I hope you see this and add me so we can share this awesome experience together!

  • Geoffrey Carter

    This is why you are my idol Lorin. I go to many shows every year. Sometimes several a week and I have never once chose to go inebriated in any form. I have never done any kind of drug in my life. My question is how do you deal with people saying, “if you have never done drugs before, how can know what it’s like and therefore don’t deserve to say you don’t like them?” I mean it’s my body and I too chose health over “fun” or getting “fucked up.” I just love music too much to be under the influence of anything other than pure vibes and music.

  • Paul A

    Been clean for over 5 years and going to shows has never been as enjoyable . If you want to connect at the show clean and sober, reach out and we will show you a good time!

  • Tim Havern

    I love your honesty Lorin, and thank you for educating the masses about the importance of health. The things music can accomplish alone supersedes anything a drug experience is capable of producing. I think daily about seeing you in a couple months at Forest. You’re a beautiful human, sending love from Michigan.

  • Brianna Cerione

    A few years ago at Moonrise, I had a really bad experience on molly and told myself I would never do it again. I’ve never done hallucinogens and haven’t done molly since that day at moonrise. I’m always the DD and “mom” of my group at festivals and shows and I love it. I don’t look down on drugs, as long as you’re being responsible with them and know your limits. I’ve experienced some insane situations with people having bad trips or literally having seizures because of what they took and it was horrifying to watch. It’s a great thing to have a clear, happy and healthy mind. Lorin makes it so easy to feel high when you’re actually not. If anyone is recovering from drug abuse or just doesn’t do drugs, don’t feel alone or “uncool” for turning down drugs. Just let your mind go and enjoy the energy (:

  • Tiffany Schultz

    This is awesome! I have started exclusively going to nectar shows sober about a year ago and I find that I have SO much fun, not worrying about possibly over-doing it and not having a good time. I also like that I am clear-headed and can react quickly to those around me (friends and strangers!) that may need some water or someone to walk them to the bathroom or nearest med area. Plenty of my friends still like to partake in some experimentation and that is totally fine, but I like to be around and keep an extra eye out for those who need it. (:

  • Michelle

    This was so encouraging to read. I always rave sober and wish so much that I could find other like minded folks who do, but I haven’t been going to festivals for very long and I don’t have any other friends who are into the same stuff as me. The last three years of my life have been the hardest fucking years I have ever experienced, and NOTHING has helped me more than keeping my head clear, my body healthy as possible, getting good sleep, and dancing my ass off to some great bass music. I am glad this guy can find some friends to go with! I wish that I could go to Atlantic City but since the timeline didn’t work out for me, I am going to a different festival this spring, but when I go I will be sober the whole time. I love the feeling it gives me to be able to wake up every day with a clear head, not feeling hungover or coming down from something. I have experimented with things in the past but nothing has ever come close to the way that I feel now.

    I wish I had time to write more specifics, but I just wanted to hop on here and say thank you – this has encouraged me so much. More than you can know.

  • Richard Anthony


    I could not agree anymore, and hearing you speak on this topic draws me closer to favor you #1 as a musician. Your outlook on this subject truly does matter and these words definitely impact the bass community as a whole. Personally, I have become more sober driven myself due to where my life’s purpose has taken me. I started listening to electronic music in 2011 and attended my first Bassnectar show in 2012. Since then I have attended 15 Bassnectar performances and after this weekend, 17. And what really bothered me after this past 360 NYE was that I have never attended an event sober. I love the environment, the music, the hype, and I have always wanted to “maximize” that experience in what I call an immature way. However, College is over for me and I am officially a Registered Nurse now. I’ve decided to dedicate the rest of my life to helping people the best I can with the fullest potential I have to offer. Although I believe in order for me to help others, I first must stop hurting myself. So, this Basslantic event will be my first sober experience and I couldn’t be anymore excited. I hope to lead by example, and show my bass friends that it is possible to enjoy such an amazing experience for what it is.. True passion and love for the music. The uniqueness, the creativity, the beauty, all speaks for itself. I even want to get involved at Electric Forest helping in the Medical tent and around the grounds, maybe even at Bass Center if possible. I now have the knowledge, wisdom, and previous “festival experience” to help people who take things too far and I feel it is my obligation to give back.
    Thank you for being such a positive inspiration in a community that can sway judgmental very easily. I look forward to meeting new sober Nectar fans and maybe one day you.. I mean if it wasn’t for Bassnectar music I dont know how I would of gotten through nursing school to begin with! πŸ™‚ #chasingheaven

  • Michelle Pledge

    I’m doing all of Eforest sober! Who’s with meeeee? πŸ™‚

  • Cori Dock

    A word of caution though, my friends. While there is definitely a potential to learn to enjoy your shows sober, please be very aware that if you have a problem with substances, any behavior linked to substance abuse in your mind can in fact be a trigger. For instance, if every single time you spin around 3 times before ingesting, spinning around 3 times could cause your cravings to hit much harder. Pavlov’s dog type thing. If you are at a vulnerable point in your journey to returning to a healthier state, there is no shame in avoiding these triggers until a time comes when you are more balanced. Over time, these trigger behaviors may fade enough to give it a whirl again without the drugs. However, no show is worth your progress. You matter most, and only you know your limits. Do whatever it takes to get yourself healthy, you are worth it. <3

  • Gilbert Saunders

    I’ve been clean for three years and have found bass as my high! If you want to give anyone my email I will talk to anyone and share the experience with everyone that drugs don’t need to be taken to enjoy anything. I will be there Saturday night.

  • dabstradamus

    I have a confession to make, in all the years I’ve been going to see bassnectar I have never been on hard drugs. (Including psychedelics even though I don’t consider it hard) I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite though (or a square) ive had my time and place. I may get a drink while at a show but personally on my own time I just love to smoke. When attending bassnectar shows all you need is the music. The music is just so raw and so intense it makes me lose my mind. Funny thing is I bet everyone around me thinks I’m fucked up cause I’m goin crazy but in reality is all just the music. If I get a drink it’s to kill time till lo comes on.. and that’s normally it just one drink… It makes me sad though when I look around and so many young kids are just shot on molly or k. So lame. All you need is the music.. for kids I feel half the problem is just the peer pressure of it. Even if no one is personally pressuring you, the idea of attending an electronic event just triggers the thought process that you’re supposed to be on drugs to fully enjoy your time. It couldn’t be any farther from the truth! What good is it if you can’t remember your night. If it messes your chemistry up, if it makes you feel horrible later on…and if eventually you get so caught up in it it changes who you are. We need to break that chain! As a fan lo this just raises the amount of respect I have for you. To take the time and reach out on multiple platforms not only for the OP but to lead by example for the rest of the community. Such an important topic and one I feel gets pushed under the rug.

  • Willy Jetson

    Hey! So I actually started a recovery support network called One Set at a Time, festivals and other events have me come and create a safe area for those in recovery and I also hold workshops, groups, and share info. I’d love to help out! Rysorila@gmail.Com

  • Nikole Michard

    Lorin, I wish there were more artists in the world like you who vocalized these feelings. You’re my favorite artist because your music takes me to another level, but also because of the person you are. Thanks for being such a wonderful role model, and for genuinely caring about your fans. Thank you thank you thank you ??

  • Nathan Stanley

    Went sober a while ago and while it was kind of weird hanging out with all my friends who were and are still doing drugs I got used to being sober and I love it. Sometimes I’m the only sober kid around but whatever I just leave the party or post game or whatever it may be a little earlier. Being sober is not a bad thing at all. You def do not have to sell your tickets you will still have fun.

  • Nathan Ayers

    Hey guys. I surrendered to the program of Narcotics Anonymous 12/11/16 and will be going to shows sober. I plan on bringing an NA flag with me soon so you’ll be able to find me soon enough waving the flag around.

  • Drew Sale

    As someone who has never done drugs, never smoked a cigarette, I’ve never even had a cup of coffee (yes I’m being serious) I can honestly say that going to festivals is just as much fun for me as anyone around me seems to be having. I’m from Vancouver, BC so there’s definitely no shortage of drugs here. I don’t think I’ve actually met anyone else who hasn’t had any of these like I have. It’s weird, I know. And the truth is I have no good reason for not doing anything. I guess I’m just stubborn at this point. I’ve lived 32 years without any of these things and I’m just fine, why start now?
    I’ve been to Shambhala the last 2 years and am going again this year. Anytime I bring it up with people who haven’t been I get the exact same reply, “lol have fun being around thousands of people who are all just there to do drugs and get fucked up!” Which really upsets me. They don’t understand what it’s like to be around so many people who are genuinely happy to have met you and are stoked to all be back home at the farm. People ask me “well why do you go, it can’t be as much fun if you’re totally sober” but these people apparently have never been in a group of total strangers and yelled out “group hug!!!” And have everyone stop what they’re doing and all hug each other. Also, standing in front of a wall of bass bins at the Village is also pretty intoxicating lol.
    If this dude wants to get clean and not do drugs or drink but still wants to party and have a blast, he’s welcome to come party with me anytime he’s in Vancouver, or better yet if he’s coming to shambhala this year I wanna meet this dude and give him a hug and tell him how amazing he is.
    People call me all kinds of silly names about how “lame” I am because of my choices. But then when we see each other at the Village they see that I’m having just as much fun as they are and some have said that I’m their spirit animal lol. Be safe, have fun, and hopefully I’ll see all of you back at home on the farm ??

  • Amanda

    I just want to say… Good for him!! I celebrate 3 years off a really hard drug that fucked my life up in so many ways. The fact that he didn’t want to PUT HIMSELF in temptation by going to the show says a hell of alot about his strength, and his willingness to overcome drugs. Addiction is no laughing matter, we where just talking about this on Excisions head bangers page. There’s a d.j who is getting clean, and people where making fun of him. I got so mad, and felt so sad for the people who thought it was a joke. To each its own. But HUGE ASS PROPS to this guy for doing this. Just ADMITTING ALONE to yourself that you might Have a problem is HUGE. HE ADMITTED IT TO Bassnectar! THAT’S BEYOND BEAUTIFUL. He’s saying look. I have a problem. My friends are still going to do drugs. I can’t be in that environment. Dude.
    I am so proud of this guy!! Do any of you know how hard it is to go to a Show sober!!!! It is extremely hard. The peer pressure is insane at shows. Drugs left and right. Up and down. But, the way he is handling this is amazing. I hope he finds himself, and sober people to rage with. If he ever came to Seattle, I’d be so down to rage with him sober ? Keep him in good hands Bassnectar ? Your truly a beautiful soul. I wish I was now attending this show.. just so i could meet this dude. And show him their are so many sober ravers out here ? We are a community that is built on acceptance and love. Why not show him there is a different and “normal” way to go, and accept it ?

  • Hollie Power

    This by far is the most moving declaration i have ever read from any dj. You are so amazing and moving. I love that you took time out to support this person on their journey to become sober. I know i have been to shows both ways and have recently only been attending shows sober and the experience is really way more life changing. I have always been looked at as a drug user since i love to rave. I am a nurse and really have changed my life around over the past few years but love the music. I know now that it is possible to attend festivals and shows sober and still have an amazing experience. I think this can really help so many people and so happy that you decided to help. I have never gotten the chance to see you live, but can not wait to dance the night away to such an inspiring dj/person. Btw i will be 100% sober when it finally happens and I could not be happier or excited about it. Love your music and words that you spread to us all. ???Hollie

  • Allie Tucker

    You are awesome, Lorin! This note really lifted my spirits and reminded me how awesome humans really are. The world is a good place, much love to you always!

    Also, I have been to your shows when I was just getting f*cked up all the time and then I found that I had more fun when I was less f*cked up. Now sober 3 years and F@$%ing love music and shows and dancing and lights SO much more! I remember when I found out you weren’t into that stuff, it kind of gave me hope. I realized I wouldn’t have to give up being cool and loving music and shows just because I was giving up drugs and alcohol. And THAT is a very cool realization. I hope you have time to read, but if not, maybe someone else reading will be reminded of their inner coolness.

    So much love

  • Ro

    I saw you in Buenos Aires along with other 7 friends, completley sober, and we had the time of our lives, music is the best trip ever.
    I admire you now even more. Thank you

  • Seth Tyler Sharp

    Please come by and see the The Hummingbirds” table in (or very near) the Haven. This is our ambassador project for the weekend. It is a table for people such as yourself who want to attend the show sober and have other sober people to associate. Come by and make new friends. You are loved supported and have many new friends to meet and many miles to go with them. We hope to make this a reoccurring event at every event! Look for he yellow table cloth with the hummingbirds!

    • Ginger Jesus

      Seth do you have a link to a website / facebook?

      • Seth Tyler Sharp

        Ginger find me on Facebook Seth Tyler Sharp

  • Jane Hildebrand

    This is awesome. I have been to several of your shows in different states as well as different states of mind. I’ll never forget the first time we saw you, in Eugene Oregon. I was as sober as a gopher and It was, to this day, one of the greatest shows I have ever been to. I recall actually feeling “high” from the music. Although I can’t make it to Atlantic City, I hope that dude with the ticket finds the courage to go and to know that there will be people there who
    love your music and your art for what it is instead of just using it as an excuse to get fucked up. To experience a good show sober is a pretty eye-opening experience; a pure one. And one that you most likely won’t forget because you weren’t plastered πŸ˜‰

  • Ashley Slaght

    I can’t even articulate how special this is to me. yet another prime example of the universe’s impeccable timing. this (Basslantic city) will be my first sober nectar event. the ultimate deciding factor was actually nectar’s Okee set. I got sick after dropping, felt so horrible I couldn’t even enjoy the set. the crazy part is that I didn’t over do it or anything. I guess my body just doesn’t agree with it anymore. that coupled with lengthy discussions with my partner led us both to decide to be sober, that we were happy beyond our wildest dreams without it, so what’s the point? needless to say, we are so stoked for our first sober nectar event along with many more to come. ?

  • Tim Vz

    I love this.

  • DJ Squale

    Matthew DePasquale Hello dear friend. I too have battled addiction, many times actually, even after finally overdosing on heroin. There was a long period of my life where my experimentation was based on excess and finding my breaking point. That is exactly what happened, oddly enough though not till after I had using drugs. See When my daughter was born I stopped using drugs all together, changed my friends, moved close to family, had a job at one of the top 500 hotels in the world, as Jorge Young would haved said in BLOW, “life was good”. Then my daughter passed away. She drown in our backyard pool, I had to dive into the water to get my 2 and a half yea old little angel out of the water and try to breath life back into her. After losing her I quickly began a downward spiral toward death, even overdosed, but kept using. it wasn’t until eating a reasonable amount of LSD and a talk with Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Allyson Grey that it finally sunk in, that I was holding on to this pain, this guilt, for feeling like I was responsible or could have stopped it in some way. Mrs. Grey asked me why I hold on to such a painful memory and depressing thought that it was my fault or that I could not be with her until after this life. She told me she lives in my heart in the form of love, and that holding on to that would keep her with me and me with her as energy connections never separate just because they change form. That she has always been with me since before the idea of her ever came into my mind, before conception, before birth, and after death, it s her energy that is real. Terrance Mekenna talks a lot about “drugs”, and how on a quantum level everything is technically a drug by definition, even our food. water is in fact a drug. This is the difference: Dosing, and intent. See when you drink a glass of good DOC confirmed aged red wine, while pregnant or when eating red meat it is in fact very beneficial as the sugars from the alcohol and the anti-oxidants help reduce the toxins of red meat and are nutritional for pregnant woman. However if you drink well made high end champagne in celebration it is a non medical benefit but also no negative effect, for in moderation it is recreational. Now when you start drinking commercial beer or cheap wine, your already starting out with negative synthetic energy in it. That the DOC well crafted ancient practices upheld makes love and positive energy go into each bottle, but cheap mass produced alcohol is made with machines and oil and fossil fuel use, advertised and sold for profit and not for sustainability, it carries with it negativity. Then again when you drink in over dosed amounts to “forget your problems” or “escape reality” your abusing the drug. However in the same respect a small of amount of LSD, in a positive and loving environment with the intent of becoming a better person and improving my ability to accept reality, everything changed. I strongly suggest on YouTube the first episode is the most important. Your thoughts and actions and decisions and creation though influenced by others YOURS to make at every single moment. Music is the drug is the perfect example, and myself being very into spiritual exploration find psych-adelics, to a helpful tool, but still explained to my wife that Friday night will be sober. to truly experience this amazing project of creation and being integrated into in I want to feel the drug of the frequencies and lights, and there effect on the mind and body in a pure state of receiving. Saturday night I expect to be more subtle and relaxed then day one, I have intention to use psycilicybiin to explore my spiritual side while utilizing the designated zone for meditation type practices, as focusing ones energy especially with the amazing frequencies he uses to enhance brain wave activity I hope to use that and my heighten mental state to build a stronger more reciprocal energy exchange with EVERYONE in attendances. I love you all, as we are all humans, in search of love and unity. We are….ONE LOVE, ONE LIFE, ONE WORLD….TOGETHER…

  • DJ Squale

    Also a good place for anyone with drug problems or issues I encourage you all to educate yourself as best as possible, and the best place to start is,, and the late great Terrance Mekenna or hid brother Dennis, easily found on YouTube, G.I. was right, knowing is half the battle….

  • Kat


    My first time seeing you I was sober. I had spent most of the festival “messed up” but was determined to have a clear mind, heart and soul when I saw you for the first time. I had always been a huge believer “feeling high from the music” and frequently attended concerts sober, but I definitely used at many as well. I just recently recommitted to full healthy living: no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes! As much as I wished I was still home in NJ to see you, I know that I’ll be there in spirit. Thank you for this post, as with everything you put out into the universe it was so good, so pure, and spoke to me in the center of my being.

  • Ryan RIOT Jordan


    Thank you so much for this post. Recently, I had to make the decision to be sober. My life was out of control, I was distant from my true self, I was getting into trouble with the law, and I was pushing the people that loved me most so far away. Going through the withdrawals, I had a stroke at the age of 24. During that time, I had to make a decision. I had to continue to be the person I was meant to be, or continue circling myself with people who couldn’t support my decisions. Thankfully, I chose the first option. I moved away from home and pretty much started my life over. Previously, I had been extremely involved with electronic music, promotions, etc, and the drug use was so rampant, and I was so involved that I didn’t think that I could ever go back to it. I love the music, but I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to feel comfortable in this music scene unless I was fucked up. Then, you were in town for Life is Beautiful this last year. Your music has always spoken volumes to me, made me think, made me create, made me feel alive. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to see you again. Entering the DTLV area, I was alone. I was absolutely terrified that I couldn’t do it sober. I just knew that you could give me the closure I so desperately needed, and I was determined. Half way through the event on Saturday, I was exhausted, I don’t think I’d ever drank so much red bull in my life, but I was still having fun. The day continued, and finally I met a group of friends, they were all partying like I used to, but they weren’t judging. They were still connecting with me, and I was still having the time of my life. I didn’t think this would be possible. Fast forward through the night, Excision had just finished his set, and I couldn’t contain myself anymore. My new circle of friends and I were all ecstatic. Then, you came on. The set was life-changing. I had the chance to let all of the aggression and fear that was harbored inside of me out, I was inspired to live my life the way I do now. It was the catharsis I needed. I had never felt more connected to your music, and electronic music/music festivals in general. Because of your set, I’m back in school, I’m still sober, I’m happy, I know what I want to achieve in my life, I have goals (which I’m slowly but surely achieving), I’m the person I was meant to be. Seeing you post something like this, considering the challenges I’ve faced in the last week means the world to me. Thank you for delivering me from the evils within myself. Thank you for all of your hard work and sleepless nights to do things like this for people. Much love, man!

    PS: To the guy that wrote Lorin this message, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! Your decision, and your life is precious. Do what you want with it!!!!!! Don’t let any other person lead you in to choices that make you uncomfortable. If you ever need to reach out for some support, I’m totally here for you! That’s one of the most beautiful things about our music scene. A million miles away, our bonds can be as strong as steel because we share the love and connection that people like Lorin create!

  • Ian Pasquale

    I’ll be there sober myself tomorrow night! I am in recovery so the only drug I’ll be partaking in is the music. If anyone wants to meet up and stick together i’m down! Won’t be there till 8 as I have to leave work to get there but I cannot wait to feel the BASS. Message me on Facebook with this name if you want to meet.. the bass is all we need. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow night.

    Hugs not drugs <3

  • Nick Pingree

    I have two two day passes to the atlantic city concert. I can’t make it and was unable to sell them. If you know of anyone similar to this person who would benefit from the tickets please feel free to contact me

  • James Dietrichson

    This is amazing. To see people pushing the same message and be living in the same pure focused straight minded way. I go by the name DETØX and you have been my biggest inspiration. Detox is a community to gather and share ideas. We dance, laugh and love to show the world and temptation that we know what we believe in and no one can take that away from us. Music is the drug. Music can be the gate way to a spiritual awakening. Dancing the right way and feeling comfortable doing it can cleanse your soul and you can leave a new and open minded person. Compassion is the true key to our salvation and we must together celebrate this life or we will just get stuck in the cycle. Thank you for being you and pushing this! We are locked in this world together and it is together that we can find our way out!

  • seth

    NYE in bassingham sober…. nuff said. i am one to hype up the people around me and show them how to let the music take control & go completely bonkers but in sync with the music. no drug can beat the high of the environment, good people & GRrrEAT Bass!!! dont waste you mind and $$ on something that takes away from the true experience…. WHAT DOES THE ACRONYM FOR F.U.N. MEAN???? I CANNOT FIGURE THIS ONE OUT….

  • Liz

    This is so beautiful! Eloquently stated with no judgement, just love. I had my first sober festival experience at Euphoria 2015 and it was absolutely life changing. I realized that wanting to be healthy and not do drugs didn’t have to limit my life. <3 Thank you for being so awesome. See you in the Forest! πŸ™‚