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April 25th, 2017



I wanted to share a pretty cool note I got from a person who wants to start going to shows sober: he wrote me seeking help in getting rid of his AC ticket – he was concerned that being in the environment of a show may tempt him to drink or party too hard.

Without judgements, I just wanted to share my own perspective that while it’s an amazing feeling to get high off the music (and ‘the vibe’) of a live music experience, it by no means needs to go hand-and-hand with drug abuse, or even with taking drugs or drinking. Again without judgements (many thinkers, artists, humans who I love and admire have experimented with drugs – and many have had positive experiences), I shared that from my own experience I prefer a clear head, a healthy body, and a nervous system with heightened sensitivity – I prefer health over ‘fun’, and while I enjoy the occasional glass of red wine or strong green tea, I never take anything hard.

I know a lot of people experiment, and some go way too far (some lack the experience to know how to make the right decision with a dose or a combination, some feel peer pressure from others – and some people recklessly take things they shouldn’t in order to ‘get fucked up’) …I offered to introduce him to some people in the community who go to shows to connect with other humans in that clear state, and who simply get high off the music. I figured maybe he could make some new friends, and be a bridge by introducing his new friends to his existing social circle. Again, with respect to drug use, I am BY NO MEANS interested in shaming anyone, or even suggesting that one approach is better than the other, but I do very much wish to support him making the decision to do what he feels is right for him, and I love the idea of assisting in the formation of new friendships.

Also, I just have to say, as an artist, I have zero interest in seeing my fans get ‘fucked up’ – I don’t glorify violence of any kind, and I think that reckless drug abuse can be a form of violence. Just as it would be dangerous to stop breathing for 5 minutes, or to not drink water for 2 days, I think it can be dangerous to ingest various chemicals in order to get a buzz. It may not ALWAYS be dangerous, but there is a risk! And in my opinion it’s not worth the risk – I have lost several dear friends to drug overdoses, and I have seen several people’s lives SHATTERED by drug abuse, by alcohol abuse, or by not living with a deep gratitude for health, and the care that comes with it – so I hope to inspire that care in anyone reading this : )

If you agree, take a second of complete gratitude for the magic and magnificence of your body, your nervous system, your ability to see, to read, and their ability to think, breathe, and exist. Your body is the ultimate gift, and I encourage you to cherish it.

I hope this weekend as we descend on Atlantic City, we can all take extra special care of ourselves, as well as going out of our way to take care of each other. This event is sold out and will be completely packed with thousands of people, it can get overwhelming and while I want to turn the FUN up to maximum, I also want everyone to stay safe : )

So if you are thinking of attending without drugs or alcohol and want to make a new friend, please email and we will put you in touch with other bass heads who have the same attitude and will be there this weekend.

Again, NO JUDGEMENTS: we love you *ALL* and we are thrilled for the wild adventures that are about to take place in just a few days…. travel safe!