May 19th, 2017


Freestyle Sessions - Colorado - 2017COLORADO!!!

We are gearing up full throttle for our first Freestyle Sessions event – a dynamic free-for-all featuring DJ sets from killer artists, and three specially themed sets from yours truly. We are planning something super rare & unique with omnidirectional lights, lasers, and the most amazing music we can blaaaaaaaaast!!!!

Always wanted to hear a specific tune? Hit up the request line, we will be taking an interactive approach with this and I’ll be designing custom remixes and unusual versions to the most requested tracks, but enough about me, we have a ton of friends along for the ride as well!


The Lineup:

Fri 7/7 – Freestyle
Bassnectar | Truth | Thriftworks | Goopsteppa

Sat 7/8 – Dreamtempo
Bassnectar | ill.Gates | CloZee | AtYyA

Sun 7/9 – Wildstyle
Bassnectar | Beats Antique (DJ Set) | Aztek | Mr Projectile

UPDATE: 3-Day Tickets are sold out! Limited single day tickets available.


After the scale of our largest show to date last year [big ups!!!!!!] we wanted to experiment with something more intimate – those of you who were a part of our Belly Up shows a few years back will know what I’m talking about: throwbacks, rare tracks, and a wild assortment of treasures from the vault. But this isn’t a gentle stroll down memory lane: this will be full-on bass music… present, past and future!

Here’s the rundown on the theme for each night:

Freestyle – Night 1 – Friday 7/7
This means ANYTHING GOES. No rules, no limits, no genres, going deep into the old school collection, but also testing out many tracks i’ve never played before… approaching this as a true DJ set where we can all dive deep into a unified hypnotic journey!

Dreamtempo – Night 2 – Saturday 7/8
If you’re familiar with the mixtape, you know the deal with this one: we will disappear into a dreamworld of downtempo, and explore with wide-eyes the far flung corners of slow bass magic… There are hours and hours of long lost treasures from the days of hip hop, trip hop and beyond: and we intend to explore that universe with abandon…

Wildstyle – Night 3 – Sunday 7/9
After two days of experimental adventures, we will be going ALL IN for the Sunday night finale. But don’t expect your usual blockbusters – we will be taking the rager rulebook and blasting it into one million tiny pieces with an arsenal of extraordinary rhythms and as much future-forward freak music as we can ram into one night. It’s going to get visceral…


Join the Sessions, all remaining tickets here:

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July 7 tickets:
July 8 tickets are SOLD OUT
July 9 tickets:

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  1. Shawn Haught says:

    I keep requesting it but maybe this will be the show for it.

    Walk like an Egyptian nectar remix.

  2. Mark Ryan Briggs says:

    I really really want to hear falling!! Plz plz plz

  3. Tom Techmanski says:

    Im begging for some seek and destroy

  4. Emma Shipp says:

    PLEASE please please play your remix of Sugarcube!!!

  5. Teagan T Rowe says:

    I’lll cry if you play your remix of No Way! Seen you five times since you released Into the Sun and I’m still waiting!!

  6. Graham Holladay says:

    I wanna second the Walk like an Egyptian Request FOR SURE. That shit would pop off haha.

    But my request would be a twist up of the song Music by Dubvirus. This song appears on An-Ten-Nae’s Acid Crunk Vol. 4. The song is super sweet and has a hook that says “music its just music, so get your ass on the dance floor and loose it”. I think that hook really highlights what this weekend is about!

    Can’t wait to hear whatever comes out! Peace and love

  7. JILE MONTUORI says:

    ur marz leon remix of fire for the dreamtempo night plzzzzz

  8. kristen says:

    pink elephants, and the ridiculous bass head-snoop dogg-mind tricks remix from the first night of basscenter!

  9. Spens says:

    Can we please hear FSOFS on Satuday!

  10. Byron Alban says:

    Will Polaroid cameras be allowed into the show?

  11. Alejandro Avila says:

    It would be nice to hear a BASSNECTAR and TECH N9NE MASH UP or TECH N9NE remix.

  12. alexis13 says:

    Faded- Alan Walker (trap remix) please ?

  13. Ashlie Schuster says:

    WHY CANT I FIND THE VENUE LOCATION ANYWHERE?! Are we doing this thing in space fam?

  14. Chuck Chillz says:

    In need of 2 3 day floor tickets who can help a brotha see some real Bass

  15. Jose Villa Jr. says:

    Can anyone assist in telling whether or not VIP tickets get you floor access? Altitude website states only bowl access but I was curious if anyone could verify that. Thanks in advance ya lovely peeps.

    • Chris Basscrew says:

      If you bought VIP Floor tickets, you will be able to get onto the floor – VIP Bowl tickets will not get you on the floor.

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