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June 7th, 2017


Darrah Ananda - Self-Generating

Darrah AnandaDarrah Ananda
Sebastopol, CA

Darrah Ananda channels dream totems and symbols of the psyche into tangible signposts. Dubbed “Found Fables”, these handmade collage vignettes inspire the imagination and ignite the heart.

We go way way way back with Darrah, collaborating with her at the turn of the century when she let us sample many of her works for some early Bassnectar mixtapes and releases.

In her words: “Art is medicine. I believe in the power of radical creativity to heal and transform, and in the holy power of beauty to inspire us to find our own song and to use our voice in singing that song as if our life depended upon it – for indeed, it does.”

“Through these woven fables, I offer myself to you. May you find your way through the enchanted wood to the still pond of Mystery and then bending down, drink of the sweet waters of remembering and become as a child again … drink and, perhaps, if even for a fleeting moment, catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror pool – innocent, wise, and free.”

Darrah Ananda - Mistress of Wild Places

Darrah Ananda - Lady of Communion

Darrah Ananda - Daughter

Darrah Ananda - Gypsy CrowDarrah Ananda - Shapeshifter

Darrah Ananda - In The Garden Of Time

Darrah Ananda - Consciousness

Darrah Ananda - Diverse Systems Of Throb cover art

Darrah Ananda - Motions Of Mutation cover art

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