June 25th, 2017


Bassnectar - Freestyle Sessions PlaylistOur very first Freestyle Sessions is around the corner: July 7-9 in Broomfield, CO! 

Here’s a playlist of music from all our very special guests, a little taste test…

I’m working full time mastering HUNDREDS of tracks from my old record collection, as well as making crazy edits and exclusive versions of music i’ve never played before: omnitempo maximalism, freak knob turned up to maximum as we experiment, explore, and experience something totally freestyle!

Last remaining Freestyle tickets available here:


  1. om4r! says:

    donké, you should think about playin upside down remixed 🙂

  2. Christopher Chapman says:

    Possible event poster art? ?

  3. Steven Scott says:

    I need that 6 blocc remix. My selekta!!! That’s my favorite remix ever done by ur artistic talent of Bassnectar!!!! Stupid fire. I’ve seen u live 16 times. Denver is gonna be my 17-18-19. I have yet to hear that track live… My favorite mix is the freestyle mix. Please drop my selekta. It’s the 6th track in that mix. I would just melt in a bass puddle

  4. Steven Scott says:

    That was the fucking best dj set I’ve witnessed. Ever. I’ve been nectar a buuuuunch of times. U don’t see many dj sets but that shit right there. That shit right there!!!! Best DJ set I’ve ever seen

  5. Dylan alley says:

    Went Friday night and what a great show. Definitely the best set I’ve witnessed from the nectar. But will not do VIP again. Feel like we were robbed. Had a tinny VIP lounge with a very rude bartender that we never went back to and general floor tickets. Maybe next time you won’t call it reaching out VIP experience. Received a bandanna and a poster and a cheesy necklace for an extra 100 bucks. The show rocked but the VIP was weakest I’ve ever seen. Expected more from the man that gives so much detail to his music and his show.

    • Chris Basscrew says:

      Glad you had a good time Friday night!

      Sorry to hear about the bartender – will look into this! Thank you so much for the feedback here.

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