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June 19th, 2017


I chose “Reflective” as the title of my musical project this year because I love thinking about how every human is a sum of all the inspiration they get from the world around them – all the reflections from our surroundings. We all reflect our favorite things in life at each other, and other people reflect their favorite things back at us… over time the highlights rise to the top, yet continue to mutate in finer and finer recombinations of new thoughts, new ideas, new inspirations. I think we can all be mirrors to each other, but it goes deeper than that. And I wanted to reflect on all of the nuances of this concept in my music.

I decided to split the album up into two parts, starting off with 6 new songs: 

“Arps Of Revolucion” is a follow up to “Reaching Out” – it’s another tribute to the glistening downtempo of the 1990’s, when I was first discovering electronic music…and it kind of foreshadows the upcoming Naux Faux EP [out later this year].

“I’m Up” is a ballistic stomper with an enormous groove, big thunder samples, and soaring synths… the vocals (by Born I Music) are about being on top of a wave, riding high and soaring through life – being energized by music to the point that you become hypnotized [“I’m up – carried away by the music, The Master, controlling my mind when I listen to it”] – my third collaboration with Gnar Gnar! And heads up: our 4th collaboration will appear on Part Two of the Reflective series later in 2017.

The next song has enormous personal significance to me… Mimi Page‘s vocals say “Feel It Healing Forever” – it’s an anthem about healing energy and I’ll let the music speak for itself.

“Infrared” is basically just a freak-out song… a big pandemonium intro with Macntaj‘s rap vocals building into a bonkers drop – bouncy as fvck.

My 3rd collaboration with G Jones is titled “Underground” and precedes our upcoming EP [out later this year] – with old school rave chords, and two bezerk drops – the vocals say “Ima stay in the underground” – which just about sums how the fvck I feel about mainstream music, mainstream culture, pop EDM, celebrity, social media and all the bullshit of today’s reality-TV-obsessed world.

The EP closes out with my favorite track in the collection – “Horizons”. I made this with one of my best friends Dorfex Bos on a hot summer day in Brooklyn last summer, and have no words to describe the excitement I had imagining hearing this majestic wall of spellbinding sound play on a big sound system to thousands of bass heads – super slow motion… 50 bpm…. nice and deep 🙂 The flutter at the end has a kind of Wayne’s World dream sequence which felt like a fitting way to ‘hit pause’ on the project and call it a day: The Reflective EP – Part One…:)