June 9th, 2017


Reflective - the new EP - pre-ordernow

Presenting the new Bassnectar EP from Amorphous Music, featuring collaborations with Gnar Gnar, Born I Music, Mimi Page, Macntaj, G Jones, and Dorfex Bos.

Limited edition foil-stamped Reflective CDs with poster insert are available exclusively at our online store. We also have oil foil printed tees, rainbow foil posters and more goodies – everything is reflective [just like you!]


Thank you to all bass heads music enthusiasts, community participants, nerds & reflectors! And maximum gratitude to our spectacular collaborators.

– Lorin & The Bassnectar Crew


24 Responses to “REFLECTIVE – OUT NOW!”
  1. alcatrazz says:

    Yo, I absolutely LOVE the album art! Underground is fresh as hell and I’m so happy for you man you’re crushing it. I took a year off to live in New Zealand, and all this is really making miss home. I needed some some time away to reflect on my life so this EP seems real appropriate. Cheers man loving the direction, hope I can get this on vinyl some time.

  2. Shawn Haught says:

    Will there be vinyl options? Will there be vinyl bundles as well?

  3. Catie says:

    If we preorder one of the bundles will it arrive before June 20th?? Would LOVE to wear the shirt to the Forest!!!! Also, I’m interested in a vinyl bundle as well. <3

    • Chris Basscrew says:

      Hi Catie! You should contact Music Today and check with them about this – it may depend what bundle you order, what type of shipping you purchase, where you live, etc.

      And vinyl coming your way later in 2017 🙂

  4. Christopher Chapman says:

    All of us wax heads are eagerly awaiting any news about the pressed release! Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

  5. Wojtas Jankowiak says:

    I can not believe that you have a new album. Last year I was just as surprised as now. Unlimited was in my opinion a brilliant album. I believe the Reflective will be just as good as Unlimited . Greetings from Poland Basshead brothers and sisters ! <3

  6. Alexis garcia says:

    this is part 1 … the part 2 is coming soon in 2018 in june again

  7. Alexis garcia says:

    i missth old bassnectar 1998 – 2007 those old songs are amazing 🙁

  8. Esoteric Plumbus says:

    Peace / love, it’s bassnectar day peeps! Happy Friday fam ?????

  9. Breeze McKay says:

    Ahhh all music streaming places are blocked on my computer! When will it drop on YouTube???

  10. Samantha Lauren Brown says:

    A work of art, as per usual <3 "Just when you got me figured out I metamorphasize" always ringing true- It's amazing seeing all the different facets that make up your being. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  11. Nathaniel Sanders says:

    And the spectrum becomes wider with new sounds and styles. I’m up and amped. Now, my question is, reflective freestyle sessions????? Here to me hoping he comes a little closer to the east coast for a new brilliant oppurtunity like this. Much love y’all and stay inspired. I will see you all at ATL or Slamabama 🙂

  12. Catie McConnell says:

    Heyyyyyy, checking back on the vinyl bundles. Do we have a date on those yet???

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