August 25th, 2017


Bassnectar at Meadows 2017FREAKY DEAKY

We head to Wisconsin with all our friends and freaks to bring the midwest halloween ruckus! Tis The Season!!!

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  • pacowaka

    Yes! Now I don’t have to travel ridiculously far to see my favorite artist!

    • Erik Rowell

      saaaame ???

  • Adam Rock

    Looking to sell 2 tickets for Bassnectar at face value!

    • Joe Parker

      are these still for sale

    • Liam Murphy

      do you have any more tickets for sale??

    • Emily Ogburn

      Are these still available? Very interested!

    • Dustin Mckinnon

      You still have at least one of those tickets? Im ready to buy now

    • Covamar Robert

      Still have tickets for sale?

      • Bri Garza

        Still have?? Price???

    • Bri Garza

      Still have??

  • Emily Ogburn

    I am in desperate search for a Saturday ticket to Freaky Deaky! I seriously messed up in pushing off buying them. Just a broke college student trying to relieve some stress with the rage fam at Bassnectar. Please please let me know!!

  • Hannah Flaherty

    Looking forward to an amazing weekend w friends for my very first Nectar show… This girl needs a saturday ticket hmu!!!

    • jamest815

      Got one extra tix. Are you in Wisconsin?

      • Covamar Robert

        I’ll buy yours right now

  • Grace Miller

    Anyone have a ticket they’re trying to get rid of?! ??

  • Debra Yoder Nelson

    I’m freaking out ! My ticket states Saturday GA but it has Friday’s date on it !
    Is it dated the 27th because that’s when Freaky Deaky started ?!