August 31st, 2017


Bassnectar at Meadows 2017

Lights All Night will be one of three stops in our Triple-Dot New Years Hop Scotch! What a weekend that will be (:

We’ve teamed up with the LAN team to help those affected by Hurricane Harve. When you purchase tickets, please select the option to add a $10 donation per ticket towards relief efforts – we’re matching donations alongside LAN and other performing artists, so that every $10 = $90 donated:

Sending loads of love and healing energy to TX <3
(If you’re not buying tix, you can still donate to the Houston Food Bank here:

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  • Hannah Maria Rocha

    Is this replacing the Nye show or will there still be an actual New years one

    Second if this is the best years show my god bassnectar I hope plays both nights !!!

    • James Corkran

      Seeing that this doesn’t fall on New Year’s Eve, it may be a safe bet to guess that this isn’t replacing it. <3

  • Micheline

    I was hoping to see if someone could clarify a couple of things. 1) This announcement says that Lights All Night is “One of three stops”. With the recent announcement of NYE ATL, does that mean there is one more announcement to come? and 2) Is Bassnectar playing both nights 12/29 and 12/30 in Dallas? Thanks so much!

    • Henry

      My guess is Decendance in CO

  • Dreadle Millionare

    I’ve seen/heard he’s playing Decadance in Denver on the 30th, so that would be the second of the three stops! Dallas>Denver>ATL

    • Kirsten

      Use promo code ONELOVE for tickets!!:)

  • Ana Coleman

    I guess this is as close to Houston as you’re going to come this year….I’ll make the trip to Dallas!

    • Sten

      Use promo code ONELOVE for tickets!!