September 4th, 2017


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Thank You Thank You Thank You for 3 unforgettable nights – Bass Center X was a deep dive magical journey! What a long, strange, beautiful trip it’s been (: We love you and appreciate you all!!!!!

Photo by aLIVE Coverage.


  • Megan Munster

    Bet it was great. Waited six months and been so excited for our three day adventure!! Come to find out someone had magically gotten the box office employees to print both of my three day tickets; employee even showed where they forged my signature to get them. We got there an hour after they used them, so we were denied entrance. I ended up calling Ticketmaster having to cancel Saturday and Sundays tickets, which I assume they sold anyways. Still mind blown by how this happens and so disappointed we weren’t able to get abducted to the mothership with everyone else. Lesson learned- get only hard copy tickets!!.

  • Ian Rinn

    what an incredible weekend. is there any ambassadors out there that might have an extra night 3 wristband i got the first 2 but i couldn’t find someone with the third. thank you!

  • Jennifer Hruza

    @Bassnectar I was at the meet and greet night 3 of BCX. I was practically shoving a necklace in your face trying to give to you while you were signing flags. A big bouncer took it and said he would give it to you. It is super special!! I bought it specifically for you! It is an owl with a stone and “wood” eyes. The eyes are Ayauasca vine. I bought it in Iquitos Peru when I went into the jungle with the Shipipo for a week. I really hope that you received it. It meant everything for me to give you that owl
    PS – The VIP coordination was not very good 🙁 I missed the meet and greet Friday night, didn’t even have any info on it. Saturday night I ran around asking everyone and nobody had info. I was even told that it wasn’t happening Saturday night by several people. Turns out there like 20ish people that night that actually got to take selfies and MEET Lorin. Finally, Sunday night after being told to go here, and there, and running all over I finally make it in and there are like 200+ people. I was right in front of Lorin and got my necklace scooped by the bouncer. 🙁 My heart is broken To top it all off I don’t know how to get a hold of the VIP Meet and Greet Fam pictures that were taken with Lorin Sunday night. My $650 was wasted. Should have gone regular GA. BUT BASSCENTER X was the absolutely hands down BEST Bassnectar event I have EVER attended! The family love was intense and the sets were AMAZING. Thank you for always blowing my mind <3 and thank you for your beautiful message Saturday night <3 much love

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hi @jenniferhruza:disqus! Thanks for the feedback – will be sure to let the folks at CID know.

      Glad you had an amazing experience thought!!! It was a beautiful weekend – glad you were a part of it 🙂