NYE ATL 2017

September 19th, 2017


Bassnectar: NYE ATL 2017

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The excitement is gathering to a frenzy as we prepare to head down south for our annual NYE celebration, this year we are convening in Atlanta!!!

Our intention is to design a magical portal into an Alternate Universe… when you cross the Threshold we intend to explore new undiscovered dimensions using a time machine built out of human energy… sound unrealistic? We don’t think it’s unrealistic – we think it is inevitable (: We are returning to the same place where we held The Gathering in 2016, except taking over a new level of the building and moving the walls to create a totally new physical space – a custom cut Portal where we can converge as one big family to bring in the The Future together.

Joining us as our special musical guests are What So Not, Ott, and Phutureprimitive – STACKED!!!!

As usual with our family gatherings, all the enhanced features will be in full effect:
The Haven, The Gift Altar, Interactive Art Zones, and the largest assembly of roaming Ambassadors to date (:

Bassnectar: NYE ATL 2017

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• Date: December 31, 2017
• Location: Atlanta, GA
• Venue: GWCC – 285 Andrew Young International Blvd. NW
• Ages: 18+

Presale tickets go on sale Wednesday 9/20 @ 12pm ET
• Public tickets go on sale Friday 9/22 @ 12pm ET

• For the first time, we are going to create the VIP packages inhouse: custom-crafted care and customer service. Our aim is to provide a first class Experience for those who want things hyper convenient: zero wait in lines, easy-access VIP bars, bathrooms, even special VIP platforms where your crew can mob together! We have been incorporating all your ideas and feedback into a totally enhanced experience (:

• The VIP Experience includes:
> One VIP Ticket to Bassnectar NYE
> Limited Edition NYE Poster
> Early Entry
> Exclusive Space Inside the Venue including
— Viewing Platforms with seating
— VIP Restrooms
— VIP Bars

• VIP Price is $235 per package.

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These special events have truly become a traveling circus! We have loads of freaks organizing and coming together to engage and connect the community. There will be lots of ways to get you all in the mix.

The Haven: Our safe space where you can relax, get a drink, a snack, a massage, get off your feet, and float before returning to the mayhem. This is a sanctuary to unwind and mingle and meet new friends, but it’s also YOUR SPACE so feel free to bring your own vibe and contribute. This is also the creative hub for our Ambassador team, they will be there to greet you with open arms and make sure you feel comfortable  (:

Gift Altar: Located inside The Haven, this has been a lovely addition to our events this year! All you have to do is bring a gift to contribute: it can be a small piece of art, a love note, a family heirloom, a note for a stranger, a tiny trinket, or just anything special you would like someone else to have. In return, you can pick up something for yourself, or something to give to a friend: a keepsake to help remind you of the memories we will be making to bring in the new year!

Interactive Zones + Art Stations: We will have areas set up where you can get creative, connect on a deeper level with one another, and interact with the community. There will be art stations for you to paint and make art as well as spots to get your face painted, hair braided, cover yourself in glitter, and embrace your inner weirdo! The Ambassadors will also have endless projects going so you can meet new friends and explore your thoughts and ideas in new ways. Plus we’ll be bringing non-profits and organizations through for you to link up with, get involved, and get active!

Live Art + Roaming Performers: We’ve been welcoming so many different artists and performers from this community to join in on enhancing the experience, bringing art in its many forms! Want to do live painting, flow/spin/hoop, be a roaming character, or bring an art installation? Hit up the Bass Network – they’ll be coordinating and helping to get as many involved as possible  (:

It’s months away, but our entire team is working overtime planning SO much magic in one massive space! We love these one-floor events, no seats, no stands, just everyone together on the same level. We love inclusivity, and there is no better time for that than New Year’s Eve <3 This is a family affair: so bring your crew, your family, your friends, your grampa, your gramma, your neighbor, and anyone else who wants to dive in deep with us as we welcome The Future together (:
– The Bassnectar Team

  • paku3d

    I’m up!

  • paku3d

    Will there be any VIP hotel/travel packages?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Just the VIP Experience is available for this event!

      • paku3d

        Thanks! Got a room, we rdy!

      • Abigail Downs

        Does the VIP include any group photo with Lorin or anything of that nature?

  • Adrianna Shiloh Denay

    What amazing ideas!!! I love we will all be on the same level together and the gift altar… so awesome!!

    • Chris Basscrew


  • Matthew Marculis

    Any VIP hotel/travel packages?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Not for this event – just the VIP Experience!

  • Hannah Rocha

    Is there gonna be a hotel that we can have a shuttle to the show ??

    • Chris Basscrew

      You may want to reach out to nearby hotels to see what’s possible. There will be taxis + rideshare service available in ATL as well 🙂

    • Erica Fitzgerald

      Many of the hotels are walking distance too!

  • Chris Dunning

    Is VIP going to be on sale tomorrow or Friday ? Also, are there going to be any hotel/ticket packages ?

    • Chris Basscrew

      VIP will be on sale tomorrow! We aren’t offering hotel packages for this one.

  • Alyssa Melton

    How do you get presale access?

    • Amanda DeLong

      I would also like to know this information. Like is there a code or something?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Presales are available to everyone 🙂

      • ali?

        How is presale different from general sale? Is the price different?

        • adry

          Or is it like front gate and the rest on ticket master ?

  • bASS

    Bro 90 bucks plus fees for GA? Damn!

    • Matt

      That’s how much they’ve been the past three years……

      • bASS

        Bro I just looked and nye 2015 and I got THREE presale tickets
        through Bassnectar site for a total of 211.25 which included all fees! Now in 2017 it is $102 for ONE!

        • Hanuman Ubuntu

          well you’ve had two years to gather the extra 25 dollars. bruh.

  • Noah Clough

    Really interested in doing some live spray paint art this year 😉 I messaged the bass network for more details, super excited!

  • Megan

    How many tickets can u buy at once?

  • Eric Pachulski

    Is the VIP area in the front of the venue? as well as elevated sections?

    • Erica Fitzgerald

      In ATL last year it wasn’t I don’t think but it may be this year

    • Joey Cusano

      @@ChrisBasscrew:disqus Do you know the whereabouts of the VIP areas in relation to the stage?

  • UtoNiuM

    So this will be different from the years before??? I see no 360 is that correct? And will the VIP be near the stage, just wondering because tickets are all open floor access for GA.

    • Chris Basscrew

      This will feature a next level omnidirectional experience – we like to switch things up while always pushing boundaries 🙂

      The VIP will have elevated viewing platforms!

      • UtoNiuM

        Great love to switch it up, 6th NYE in a row so it will interesting to see what happens withtout the 360. Thanks for the info!

        • Erica Fitzgerald

          Yeah I believe this is the same place as ATL last year and they had a platform for VIPs since it’s all floor access

  • Brianna Patnode

    Does the CIP package come with the vip family photo with lorin like it usually does?

    • Chris Basscrew

      It does not for this event!

  • Brigette Lynn

    So is there no family photo for VIP this year?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Not for this event

  • FirstTimer

    Why would I need a hotel?

    • Chris Basscrew

      You can get a hotel if you wish – you can also figure something else out. Completely up to you!

    • fatgirlsfanclub :]

      Where are you traveling from?

  • Randi

    getting pumped to snag those presales 🙂

  • paku3d

    Are presales GA tickets going to let us on the floor? I got VIP but asking for friends~

    • paku3d

      NM found it! All tickets include floor access~

      • Erica Fitzgerald

        It’s only floor I believe

  • Chase Hamrick

    HOw come I have not got confirmation email?

    • Alex

      I haven’t gotten one either

      • Brock

        me either

        • Chris Basscrew

          You should be receiving it ASAP – the ticketing website was on serious OVERLOAD this morning, which was causing some delays!

  • Arianna

    What are the pre sale tickets for? I noticed they are already sold out, were they cheaper tickets than the public sale tickets for friday?

    • someone31988

      Usually, the fees are lower. However, I’ve had the shipping cost on the presale ticket be so high for one event, that it actually would have been cheaper to buy a public sale ticket. There wasn’t even anything special included to warrant needing a large envelope and tracking and all that.

  • Vanna Ragsdale

    WHY does it say presale is sold out when it’s not even 12 yet?????

    • BawitdaBaDaBangDaBangDigEDigE

      Eastern Time?

      • brock Olinger

        yea I believe so

        • Chris Basscrew

          These went fast! Be ready for the public onsale Friday!!! 🙂

  • Rachael

    I need info for ADA also know as disability access. Please send me a link! Thanks!

    • Chris Basscrew

      Please email me chris(at)bassnectar(dot)net – I’ll make sure you’re sorted!

  • Empathy 808

    Curious if your mailing the entire vip package wit tix, poster and vip laminate ? Cuz ive never gotten tickets thro the mail when its vip its always been pickup at will call. Thanks (:

  • Hannah Rocha


    • Chris Basscrew

      Nope, but you must be 18+ :: those under 21 will not be able to drink alcohol.

  • Sam Beard

    $90 a ticket? I see Lorin has cemented his legacy as a great american capitalist.

    • Austin Lanzrath

      That’s less than a day pass to a festival…

    • bASS

      I know bro! I just looked and nye 2015 and I got THREE presale tickets
      through Bassnectar site for a total of 211.25 which included all fees! Now in 2017 it is $102 for ONE!

      • Stefanie Wetzel

        Things evolve man. You’re focusing on the wrong thing. There’s lots of things we can focus on, but let’s choose to see the beauty in his music, who fucking cares the price. That’s for him to decide for reasons we can’t understand. Focus on the right thing brothers and sisters.


  • fatgirlsfanclub :]

    Does anyone need a +1? Can’t afford a hotel on my own ?

  • Patricia Love

    local time is what time!? atlanta time??
    freaking out guys cannnnnnot wait

  • Hannah Rocha

    Can vip free roam and is it really that much better than GA, debating I just wanna be around bass head fam this year

  • Empathy 808

    After ordering the VIP tickets it said itd be sent in the mail 2 weeks before the show. In the past VIP was always gotten at will call so im curious does that mean ALL thats included will be sent in the mail? Tickets, poster & vip credentials?? Thanks (:

  • Clint Streicher

    Hi guys …kind of curious why this doesn’t include a VIP family photo or meet and greet …especially for New Years. It’s suppose to be such a magical night and it’s a lot of money just on one night. I’ve literally traveled far and wide to see Lo play all over the country and have never had purchased a VIP ticket and ofcourse the one time I do it’s not included …is spending $250 not enough to meet the man himself? A little disappointing considering he used to be all about meeting his fans for much less. We spend a lot of money on travel, plane tickets, and hotels to go see him because we love him …I don’t think it’s too much to ask ?

    • Joey Cusano

      Yeah, seems pretty high and offers very little. Kind of a shame. Same for me. Been to many shows all over the country and wanted to purchase VIP, but $250 for a poster?

      • Clint Streicher

        …I don’t even think it’s signed. I really expected more. I would have gotten VIP one night for Basscenter X if I knew this is what we get for NYE.


    DUDE….i hope this year is more like freestyle and basscenter with that narly trap….last years new years was mainstream AF and was super super disappointing. Cant please my diva butt all the time hahah but im hoping mainstream album nectar gets left at home.

    • Hanuman Ubuntu

      i can’t see it being super mainstream with ott opening 🙂

  • Matt

    I’m not sure how it usually works but VIP wristbands might be easier than carrying around a VIP ticket which I’ll inevitably drop.

    Happy to see the Bassnectar crew handling VIP this time.

  • Andrew2323

    So no 360 this year?

  • Fatima Hasan

    hi there! Will there be media applications open for the NYE event? thanks 🙂

  • Richard Sibbett

    Where’s everyone staying at? trying to book a room soon!!

    • fatgirlsfanclub :]

      I’m going by myself and I need a squad! I can pitch on a hotel! Let me know!

      • Chris Basscrew

        Yall should peep the Bassnectar Ride Shares & BassBNB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BassBnB

        Lots of Bass Heads connecting there to sort out their travel and stay for ATL 🙂

        • fatgirlsfanclub :]

          Thank you so much!!

  • Gayle Allor Dauverd

    Where is the afterparty?!!!

  • Kelsea Callahan

    Is there a place to put an Ambassador Application in for this show?

  • Hannah Rocha

    Will there be any pre or after parties ??

  • Allison Franco

    what time would this event be ending ?

    • nipnaps

      someone pls respond

    • Chris Basscrew

      That info is not available at the moment – please check back soon!

  • Kenneth Rowley

    Where do we find our tickets after we’ve purchased them?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hi Kenneth! Did you receive a confirmation email?

  • Kayla Renee

    Lorin you absolutely melted my brains at Hula. When you teased Slather and then said “how’d you like that one?” I fuckin LOST it! Need another fix ASAP, so happy NYE is only a lil over a month away. My all time favorite is Lost in the Crowd (especially locoja remix) and I’m praying I’ll hear it live >:) So siked to see you at a BN event for the first time! Much <3

  • Cayla Ridley

    Are flow toys allowed in the venue?

  • Joey Cusano

    Anybody know how close to the stage, the VIP areas will be?

  • Tiffany McMillin

    For basslantic, there was a link to help find hotel rooms in the area by price and location to venue. It was extremely helpful. Anything like that for this event?

  • Empathy 808

    After ordering the VIP tickets it said itd be sent in the mail 2 weeks before the show. In the past VIP was always gotten at will call so im curious does that mean ALL thats included will be sent in the mail? Tickets, poster & vip credentials?? Thanks (:

  • Vanessa Tapia

    what time does the event end?

  • Nick Alves

    What time does this event start?

  • I really hope that VIP for NYE is NOTHING like what it was for Basslanta … VIP was A COMPLETE JOKE and WASTE of money at Basslanta, elevated stages … yeah … at the very back of the venue, right where the sound echo off the walls, and a beer tub … that’s it. Horrible VIP experience for Basslanta … let’s not have that happen again guys … please???

  • Tanner Morgan

    Hi ,I was wondering if we are allowed to bring any back packs of any kind, (Camelbaks, pull-string bags, etc..) Also I was wondering if we could bring any reusable water bottles! Thank you !

  • Emily Ogburn

    Any ticket(s) available last minute please let me know, I simply cannot miss this event