January 1st, 2018


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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018! Thank you to everyone involved, we are glowing with delight and excited for the future! What’s your New Year’s Resolution? <3

Photo by aLIVE Coverage.


  • Rachel Taylor

    To better my mind and myself in anyway possible.

  • Naythan Venit

    Lorin thank you and the Bassnectar team, NYE created a enviorment for celebration, healing, love and care. Your platform and love have helped me in recovery helped me in life lessons and choices and care for myself and people around me.

    I am forever grateful for your message and continuous empathy for the world, you inspire me everyday to be a better person and to stand up for what I believe in.

    I needed that dance party

    Much love!

  • Sarah Shifflett

    What are the chances of a water drive before shows in the future? People could donate sealed cases of water prior to the show or upon arrival, to be freely donated out across the venue during the show. Any venue that has a problem with this, probably shouldn’t be a venue for Bassnectar. I did not attend NYE this year, but hearing about how people could not find water, and the safety concerns with exits, I’m concerned for future shows. This feels like such an easy solution, please consider!

    • Chris Basscrew

      We do all we can to make water as available as possible at our events. Please do not be concerned – we’ll make sure everyone has plenty in 2018 + beyond 🙂

  • Brad Richardson

    Great Concert. Crappy venue. Very poor organization, no signs anywhere directing people where to enter a huge convention center. Could have at least said something on the website, like, “enter at building B entrance at the intersection of Andrew Young International BLVD NW and Phillips Dr. across from the Philips Arena. Or perhaps where to park…. There wasn’t even a sign at the entrance. and porta-potties… really? The only saving grace for the venue was that security let the young girls barely dressed in below freezing temperatures with high winds, back into the building while waiting hours on Uber/Lyft, and again no one knew where to direct the drivers to come pick up people (most didn’t live there in Atlanta). Bravo to the security, it probably saved a couple people’s lives who were in serious trouble of significant hypothermia.

    • Alex Junco

      There was an email sent out to all ticket holders with a map of the venue, where to enter, bathroom locations, smoking section, haven, art location and all other info on it

  • George NY Calixto

    Me and girlfriend loved every single second of New Year’s, brought some jackets for the needy, OTT and what so not blew my mind, and then ofcoure the man himself took us on a beautiful magical ride…the visuals were amazing, the set up was on point, and now this is our New Year’s tradition…can’t wait for Okeechobee , east coast and camping gatherings .

    • Chris Basscrew

      Thanks for contributing the clothing drive!! Glad you had a great time at the show 🙂

      Happy New Year!!

  • Jake Marsh

    Who was the kid brought out toward the end that had the very inspirational rap? Im in the class of 808 and Dylan had showed us this and I love it So much! Some one please think!

  • Chris

    The set was killer, the vibe was positive in every way, everywhere we were. Every show I go to, all I want is to hear shit I haven’t heard before that makes my ass shake with my wife. Got that, again, in Atlanta. Cant wait for Chicago. It’s obvious how much work Lorin and the rest of Bassnectar puts into these shows, mixing it up and making it different every night/set. Hard work produces great results, well done.

  • Hannah Rocha

    AAAMMAZING experiance was in vip for the first time ever couldnt have asked for anything better heavy nectar is king but trap nectar ain’t to bad ?? sucks it did seem like way less of a
    Personal conecction than last year. Hopefully this is just a warm up to a creatively bassy year ??