January 4th, 2018


We brought Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and his organization Earth Guardians out to Basslanta so they could share their message of activism and environmental justice He is 17 years old and has dedicated much of his young life fighting for the rights of the planet – we could go on, but better to hear it from him direct! Check out this moment from NYE!!!

This is the year we take back the power – 2018 here we come!

Click here to learn more about Earth Guardians.

Also we would like to thank our other nonprofits The Teardown, and WeCycle for inspiring new years resolutions to do more good in the world. Visit them online to learn more about their great work, and how you can get involved!

If you donated to WeCycle and would like to redeem your donation, CLICK HERE!

  • Violet

    So beautiful. Xiuhtezcatl has such a beautiful soul. He is definitely a starseed. He has volunteer his soul to save Mother Earth. To raise the level of the higher consciousness ?? I am so blessed to hear that we have such a wonderful soul on our physicial world. Love vibrations to his beautiful heart. I love his poetry as well. It was so moving. I could feel the vibrations of his words within my heart. Not to mention he talked about Indigos. Which is the aura color of our dearly beloved. Right Lorin? 🙂