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December 30th, 2018


NYE360 Map


The event we’ve been looking forward to all year is finally upon us! It’s time for our New Year’s Eve Gathering, with friends and family coming together for our final throwdown of 2018. Our team has been working tirelessly to design a spectacular 360 rotating spaceship to launch us into the new year – hope you’re as ready as we are! In return, all we ask is that you look out for one another, celebrate life and promote positivity at every turn, take care of your body + mind, and enjoy the ride…



We have gone above & beyond to stock this arena up with as much FREE water as possible – there will be 7 bottled water stations available where you can just walk up and take a bottle of water for yourself and your friends. There is a station located in The Haven, two on the floor, two in the lower concourse, and two in the upper concourse – we have purchased enough water so that each and every human in the venue can keep their body hydrated the night of the event. We will also have Ambassadors buzzing all over the venue giving away even more water; please be sure take full advantage of this!! It is going to be packed and hot in this arena, let us repeat: IT IS GOING TO BE HOT IN THIS ARENA! So nourish your body and give it what it needs…

Know Your Limits
We know people tend to go super hard every New Year’s Eve, but don’t go overboard. Don’t put anything in your body that could cause it harm – And if you’re feeling any sort of pressure that is making you uncomfortable, go to The Haven, find an Ambassador, hit up The Hummingbirds table (located in The Haven), and remove yourself from the situation altogether. We are here for you!

We hope each of you make safe decisions all weekend long. There will be more than enough stimulation from all all of the activities going on and all of the water you’ll be drinking, so please be mindful of your body and protect your nervous system… Keep an eye out for those around you and take care of each other: You Know We Love It!

Ear Safety
The Bassnectar Crew works to bring the most state-of-art, immersive sound experience to your ears. But like any of our events, we always promote wearing ear plugs. Ambassadors will have them for you at the Love Here Booth located in The Haven – so stop by, say hi, and get some for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Allowed + Prohibited Items
Please review all of the allowed + prohibited lists for a safe + speedy entry!


We’ve added additional entrances for this event and have doubled the security checkpoints to get all of you in faster and safer, but we ask that you do your part to help. Please review what items are allowed and not permitted inside the venue – this is one of the main issues that holds up the lines. Come prepared, have your tickets and IDs situated, take turns with one another in line, and cooperate with security and the venue staff.

Once you’re in, don’t forget this is a Free Roam Event!!! So any and all are welcome on the floor and the stands! We worked hard to make this happen in this venue, so enjoy 🙂

Our extended team is monitoring the weather closely, and there appears to be a chance of rain on the day of the event… Although we don’t exactly know the time of the day it could hit, let’s all be prepared for it! Please let your friends know and maybe exchange some inexpensive holiday ponchos for the short moments you do find yourself outside. The lines and security checkpoints will be positioned inside, so we have you covered there – just please review the event map once again so you know where the entrances, parking lots, etc. are all located for smooth entry!



The Bassnectar App has been updated! There you will find info about the artists, nonprofits, and projects happening at the event. There you will also find the event map, new NYE-themed photo filters, and more!

PLUS opt-in to receive notifications and we’ll send important updates on the lines, weather, and essential event info in real time 🙂





The Haven
Serving as the nucleus outside of concert space, The Haven is your sanctuary where you can get away, chill out, and take a break from the intensity. Ambassadors will be there to greet you and make sure you’re comfortable and taken care of – they will be handing out loads of free water, juice, tea, snacks, ear plugs, and more!

Other areas you will in The Haven:
> Free bottled water station
> The Gift Altar
> Ambassador activation zones
> Photo Booth
> Live painting and roaming performers
> An interactive art gallery
> The Love Here Booth
> Massages + body work
> Yoga + meditation
> The Remembrance Altar
> Chill areas + extra safe spaces
> The Hummingbirds table
> and so much more to discover!

Bass Network Clothing Drive
The Bass Network is teaming up with Be Interactive to host a clothing drive the night of the event – The Ambassadors are gathering donations at the entrance of the venue and giving to Bob’s Closet, who collects clothing and gives to those in need around the city of Greensboro! Click here to connect with others and team up!

> Winter Clothing (shirts, pants, gloves, etc.)
> Coats
> Winter Hats
> New Underwear (all sizes please!)
> New Socks
> Blankets
> and Foot Warmers!



NYE Lunchbox Food Drive
Be Interactive and Conscious Alliance have linked to do another food drive – donate 20 healthy non-perishable food items or a cash donation to collect a lunchbox with beautiful art from our dear friend Sebastian Wahl!!

This is a continued effort to support the Pine Ridge and Standing Rock Indian Reservations, so donate where you can!

We’ll also be hiding two Guest List Laminates to get one lucky donor entry to the next Bassnectar special event in the USA…

Nonprofits + Partners
Located in The Plaza, Be Interactive has gathered a group of badass nonprofits + organizations that we support to come share their missions and how you can get involved!

Joining us in Greensboro…
> Conscious Alliance
> Love Hope Strength
> Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)
> The Regeneration Magazine

We could give more details on each of them, but we suggest just coming early to the venue and connecting with them direct! (Although we have linked their websites and pages above just in case you want to learn more before the event!!)


WOW: so much happening and all in one night… and all of it’s FOR YOU! We can’t wait to bring in the new year with the bass fam – another year around the sun and it’s been amazing 🙂

Please travel safe and start the stretching – we’re going all out for this…

– The Bassnectar Crew

NYE360 Map - Outside

NYE360 Map - Inside