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April 30th, 2019


Be Interactive - Nashville - 2019

Be Interactive
July 13th, 2019
Municipal Auditorium
Nashville, TN


With both nights of Bass Center selling out faster than you can say “whatthefuckthesefolksreallylovebass” we decided to huck together a night of music in celebration of our non profit project “Be Interactive” – dedicated to promoting engagement and community activism to raise awareness about important issues and hopefully rally each other to make a difference (:

As you prepare thyselves to devour the details of this upcoming throwdown, we’d like to share some quick highlights from Be Interactive’s first 7 months of existence:

> Distributed $35,000 in grant money to projects completed by Ambassadors, members of the Bassnectar Community, and beyond
> Collected 2500 meals for a local food bank and 3000 items of winter clothing for those in need during our NYE360 event to close out 2018
> Organized a cleanup that picked up 560 lbs of trash from a beach in a world heritage site, collected 94 backpacks and hundreds of school supplies, raised $18,000 for music education, and offset the carbon emissions from all flights for our first overseas special event in Mexico: Deja Voom
> Fostered partnerships with organizations like HeadCount, To Write Love On Her Arms, Conscious Alliance, and many more to help activate the community at shows and online.
> Click here to check out more of the efforts and accomplishments from Be Interactive!

In the fall of 2018, we launched the nonprofit into life through a special one-night event in San Francisco accompanied by our friends, artists, and activists alike! This July we’re going to do it again, but taking it up a notch in a place we are long overdue to return: NASHVILLE!

Joining us for our night of giving:
Truth • Mr. Carmack • LSDREAM • Rhaksha

Tickets for this event are SOLD OUT! Thank you!!

This is only the beginning… prepare to throw down on even more charitable endeavors and community outreach!


This is an 18+ event

VIP package includes:
– 1 x Ticket to Be Interactive – Nashville
– Early Entry 100% guaranteed
– Limited Edition Poster
– VIP Souvenir Wristband
– Crowd-Free Merch Shopping
– VIP bar access

Facebook RSVP


Even more ways to get involved and Be Interactive!

A quick reminder to follow: @BeInteractiveHQ on Twitter, @BeInteractiveHQ Instagram,, and visit the website beinteractivehq.orgto learn more about the nonprofit and its mission.

Although we have many diverse approaches to encouraging engagement, one of the most direct ways to get involved is with our Creative Project Grants!

We collect submissions from community members about various creative campaigns they would like to launch, almost like a kick starter dedicated to acts of giving & charity. It will be a contest of sorts, in that the finalist(s) selected will be granted financial support to carry out their campaign, and interactive support & participation from our organization. While these contests will launch later in the year, you can get involved now to learn more and get a head start dreaming up your ideas.


Recent or upcoming projects + initiatives:

1. Be Interactive is set to announce the winner of the Environment grant soon, and a new grant theme for Summer 2019!

At Freestyle Sessions, join us Saturday June 8th for our biggest volunteering day ever: The Born Botanical Permaculture Action Day, in support of the ongoing environment theme! They are fundraising now for additional resources, and you can purchase an exclusive Bassnectar Merch T-shirt to be a part of the effort!



2. One of our Ambassadors, Stephanie, received $14,000 to bring a sensory room “Haven” and mindfulness instruction for elementary school students in a PA neighborhood hard-hit by the opioid crisis. Check it out:


3. David G., a volunteer for Bass Network and The Trevor Project, along with community members will distribute $5000 worth of care packages and love to trans folks in need in Los Angeles at 1st anniversary celebration for LA’s first Transgender Wellness Center.



4. Florence Crittenton Services was selcted to expand and enhance their Art Therapy for Teen Moms program by purchasing supplies and professionally displaying the work of teen mothers in their program in Denver.



5. Look out for Be Interactive projects at Bassnectar special events & select festivals!

We will be tabling at info booths and engagement centers to spread information, make friends, build community, and strengthen the bonds between the Ambassadors, Bass Network, Love Here, and all our various charity partners. From hosting art gallery auctions and raffles, to running food & clothing drives, to lending a hand at community gardens: there is mucho interaction to be had at each event.

If you’re heading to Freestyle Sessions, Nashville, or any of our events this year, check in with Be Interactive online and see what projects we will be activating on-the-ground. (You can also check the Community section of the Bassnectar App.) The more of you that get involved, the better our projects will represent our community and its values.



The Bassnectar App has been updated for this event! Download for the event map (pictured below), artist info, details about Be Interactive’s partners + projects, new Be Interactive-themed photo filters, and more! Opt-in to receive notifications and we’ll send important updates to you direct in real time (:




VIP Doors open at 4:45pm
GA Doors open at 5:00pm
Music starts at 6:10pm

This is a free roam event!
You will be able to choose either the floor or bowl access lines once you arrive to the venue, however, those lines only set you up for the quickest access to each section for your initial entry. Once inside the venue, you are free to roam, and are able to go between floor and bowl as you choose. Please remember that floor access is subject to floor capacity. Once the floor is full, you will not be able to access it until space has freed up.

PLEASE NOTE: The lines open at 3pm. No one will be allowed to line up until 3pm. If you arrive at the venue prior to 3pm, you will be turned away.


Allowed Items:
> Double pocket CamelBak-style hydration pack (hydration bladder must be removable, transparent, and empty upon entry to the venue)
> Small clutches or small, single compartment fanny/hip packs
> Non-professional digital and film cameras, including cellphone cameras
> One factory-sealed bottle of water 20oz or less — caps will be removed at search
> Earplugs
> Hula hoops
> Totems of 6ft or less not deemed to be safety hazard and are constructed on a hollow cardboard tube (at security’s discretion)
> Costumes
> Face paint
> Reusable light up toys not specifically listed on the Prohibited List
> Reasonable amount of inflatable toys
> Sealed: cigarette packages, tampons, packs of gum, and chapstick/lip gloss
> Lighters
> Prescription and OTC medications subject to specific conditions (with government-issued photo ID that matches name on printed prescription)

Prohibited Items:
> Any professional cameras, GoPro cameras, any video and/or any audio equipment
> Bags of any kind (except those listed on the Allowed Items list)
> Large bags or backpacks
> Unsealed: cigarette packages, tampons, packs of gum, chapstick/lip gloss
> Electronic or vapor cigarettes
> Poi and glow toys connected by string
> Masks
> Glowsticks
> Focus light beam devices of any kind, including laser pointers
> Outside alcohol/food/beverages/cans
> Illegal substances (including marijuana)
> Drug paraphernalia
> Vitamins
> Instruments
> Glass in any form
> Water guns, water balloons, and/or any other kind of water projectile
> Air horns/whistles
> Flyers and stickers
> Marker pens and spray paint
> Fireworks, pyrotechnics, or any other kind of explosive
> Flammable products or materials and sprays
> Pets
> Stuffed animals or dolls
> Tripods, monopods, and selfie-sticks
> Any item that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd, and/or inflict damage to people and goods

Entry Conditions:
> Guests are encouraged to leave all prohibited bags at home.
> All guests and their belongings are subject to search, and guests are subject to search by walk-through metal detectors, metal-detecting hand wands, and/or pat-down searches.
> Allowed and prohibited items are subject to change at any time without notice.
> Security personnel reserve the right to make the final determination on allowed and prohibited items and reserve the right to deny entry to any guest.


ID guidelines


> US governement-issued driver license or ID card displaying a photograph and date of birth
> US or foreign government-issued passport displaying a photograph and date of birth
> Foreign government-issued driver license with a color photocopy of a foreign government-issued passport with both documents displaying both a photograph and date of birth

Not accepted:

> School identification cards
> Consular identification cards
> Expired identification of any kind, even if listed on the “Acceptable” list
> Birth certificates
> Photocopies of any identification document except as noted in the “Acceptable” list


ADA Info

> ADA entry is located the 4th Ave. Entrance
> Wheelchair ADA locations are at the front of sections C2, B4, B2 and A4

Be Interactive 2019 Map