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September 3rd, 2019


Bassnectar - Freakstyle 2019

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Day Of The Dead Dark Parties
November 1st + 2nd in Grand Rapids, MI

Calling all freaks! We’re going DEEP for el dia de los muertos! And we’re stripping back the production as we did for our Freestyle Party in Denver this year… GOING DARK… this is not a show, it’s a gathering: where we vibrate together in a dark room to beautiful music and crazy sounds. The playlist is = anything f**king goes (:

And vibrating along with us in the dark, our friends and fellow musical guides: J:Kenzo, Kursa, Stylust, Aztek, Super Dre & Distinct Motive!!!

Limited presale tickets are SOLD OUT!
And the general onsale is Friday 9/6 @ 12pm ET

In keeping with the traditions of this special Mexican Holiday, we’ll be setting up a Remembrance Altar, to honor those we’ve lost but still cherish in our hearts – in doing this we can sense an even deeper respect for life, and for all the radiant beauty of the present moment.

Aaaaaaannnnnnnd: we’re encouraging everyone to paint their faces – feel free to share inspiration with one another, and for those who don’t arrive in facepaint, the Bass Network will set up facepainting stations!

Get ready for the unexpected, the strange, and downright weird… freestyle, darkstyle, wildstyle, FREAKSTYLE!!!

This is an 18+ event

VIP package includes:
– 1 x Ticket to both nights of Freakstyle Day Of The Dead Dark Party
– Early Entry 100% guaranteed
– Limited Edition Poster
– VIP Souvenir Wristband
– Crowd-Free Merch Shopping
– VIP Bar Access

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GA Doors open at 6:00pm
Music starts at 7:00pm

This is a free roam event!
Please remember that floor access is subject to floor capacity. Once the floor is full, you will not be able to access it until space has freed up.


Allowed Items:
> Double pocket CamelBak-style hydration pack (hydration bladder must be removable, transparent, and empty upon entry to the venue)
> Small clutches or small, single compartment fanny/hip packs
> Non-professional digital and film cameras, including cellphone cameras
> One factory-sealed bottle of water 20oz or less — caps will be removed at search
> Earplugs
> Costumes (should not include any prop toys that appear dangerous: spikes, simulated weapons, etc.)
> Face paint (no full face painting or face painting that causes the face to be unidentifiable during ID check)
> Masks (all masks must be removable and are subject to search when entering the venue)
> Hula hoops
> Reusable light-up toys & LED Gloves
> Reasonable amount of inflatable toys
> Sealed: cigarette packages, tampons, packs of gum, and chapstick/lip gloss
> Lighters
> Prescription and OTC medications subject to specific conditions (with government-issued photo ID that matches name on printed prescription)

Prohibited Items:
> Any professional cameras, GoPro cameras, any video and/or any audio equipment
> Bags of any kind (except those listed on the Allowed Items list)
> Large bags or backpacks
> Tarps, covers, excess clothing, or anything used to claim a large amount of seats inside the venue (1 person can save up to four spots max)
> Unsealed: cigarette packages, tampons, packs of gum, chapstick/lip gloss
> Electronic or vapor cigarettes
> Glowsticks
> Focus light beam devices of any kind, including laser pointers
> Water guns, water balloons, and/or any other kind of water projectile
> Any item that can be used as a weapon
> Fireworks, pyrotechnics, or any other kind of explosive
> Drug paraphernalia
> Vitamins
> Instruments
> Flyers and stickers
> Marker pens and spray paint
> Stuffed animals or dolls
> Tripods, monopods, and selfie-sticks
> No aerosol or other spray products
> Any item that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd, and/or inflict damage to people and goods

Entry Conditions:
> Guests are encouraged to leave all prohibited bags at home.
> All guests and their belongings are subject to search, and guests are subject to search by walk-through metal detectors, metal-detecting hand wands, and/or pat-down searches.
> Allowed and prohibited items are subject to change at any time without notice.
> Security personnel reserve the right to make the final determination on allowed and prohibited items and reserve the right to deny entry to any guest.


ID guidelines


> US governement-issued driver license or ID card displaying a photograph and date of birth
> US or foreign government-issued passport displaying a photograph and date of birth
> Foreign government-issued driver license with a color photocopy of a foreign government-issued passport with both documents displaying both a photograph and date of birth

Not accepted:

> School identification cards
> Consular identification cards
> Expired identification of any kind, even if listed on the “Acceptable” list
> Birth certificates
> Photocopies of any identification document except as noted in the “Acceptable” list


2019 Bag Policy