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January 21st, 2020


Bassnectar - Bass Center XIII - 2020

**********************EVENT UPDATE**********************

It is with intense respect and appreciation for our community as a whole and for each of you as individuals that today we have made the difficult decision to cancel all of our previously confirmed special events for 2020 [at this point this means Freestyle Sessions, The Be Interactive 808 Festival, and our thirteenth annual Bass Center]… not only does it appear impossible that these events will be able to happen as planned, but also: we want to do what is best for you! We respect and value your participation and that you have hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned money invested into these events, and we want to get that money back to you now so you can use it as you need it. (refunds will take place automatically – please allow 30 days for the money to hit your account depending on how your banks/credit cards processes refunds. Thank you for your love & patience)

We, as a team, have immense appreciation for you, and immense respect for the integrity of our mission: to explore the crossroads of music, art and community: reflecting as much of the beauty and magic of life back into the world as humanly possible.

As soon as we discover any way to restart the engines, we promise you to come back bigger, stronger, and better than ever with all dials cranked to maximum… we are already exploring every possible option for the last part of this year, and for 2021. But when we do finally design our events in the future, we want you to be able to decide if and how it’s right for you to participate, and not be bound to it at a time when you may have more important concerns of survival and well-being. We wish the absolute best to you and your families, and while music and art matter so much to us, nothing is more important or precious than human life and we celebrate you making the most of every possible second.

Also, as we prepare to launch the first full length album in years, we are bursting with creative energy to explore new ways of sharing music. The Lockdown Mixtapes series will continue for as long as we are all on lockdown, and there are many, many, many chapters of that to unlock and explore… so stay tuned.


Calling all Aliens, Astronauts, Friends and Travelers: we are preparing to embark on our 13th Journey to the Center! With last year’s event selling out in a matter of minutes, we wanted to find another venue which could fit more people, but also still feel magical and intimate, while allowing you 100% free roaming exploration across the entire space: we will transform this room into our spaceship for the weekend and blast off into the great unknown…


Joining us for this magical ceremony is a cast of musical dreamers & mad scientists:
Friday: G Jones • Ivy Lab • Potions
Saturday: CloZee • DC Breaks • Angelic Root

And with this new location [not too far from where we built our spaceship in 2017] comes a much larger area, additional chambers for an expanded Haven, our Gift Altar, and massive Ambassador teams maximizing all the ways you can dive in and engage! Plus there will be roaming performers, live painters, art installations, and an endless list of things to discover (:


This is an 18+ event

VIP package includes:
– 1 x Ticket to both nights of Bass Center XIII
– Early Entry
– 1 x Limited Edition Poster
– 1 x VIP Souvenir Wristband
– Crowd-Free Merch Shopping
– “Bass Space” (VIP private bar access)

(Each 2-day VIP package receives 1 set of VIP merch)

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