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Bassnectar AmbassadorsSince as far back as I remember, I have impulsively wanted to get behind the scenes of anything that fascinates me. I want to explore it from multiple angles and dimensions, and contribute to it, possibly learn to recreate it or reflect it for other people to enjoy also. As a young kid, running around the underground rave scene in the mid-’90s, I was more interested in the spectacle of a gathering than simply in the music (and i *loved* the music). My friends and I usually mobbed in several cars full of people, and parked a few blocks from the venue. As we approached it you could hear the calling of the “boom boom boom boom boom” leading you towards the destination. And as soon as possible, I would leave my friends and wander around alone, meeting new people, finding ways I could help out, trying to contribute to the event. Sometimes, I would help work the door, or I would cruise around the back of the venue and help soundproof it so the party wouldn’t get shut down. If i came across someone who was feeling ill, or who looked like they needed a friend, i jumped at the chance to help them out. I used to work at Whole Foods, and each night I would grab bagfuls of the produce that was being given away, or the left over bakery goods, and I would bring them to the event to share with people. If it was an outdoor party, me and a few friends would work hours parking cars along dirt roads, escorting groups of people deep into the woods to where the sound-system was being set up. Or before the full moon, I would spend days driving around in the hills, scouting out areas for the next gathering, or combing the beaches looking for little sanctuaries where we could park cars and shuttle people down to a remote beach. I loved working on fliers or little home-made zines of artwork, promoting music and music culture, I loved promoting events, and treating the event as if it was a sacred gathering with specific intention. I poured my heart into the culture, and it poured back to me.

This is the general concept behind our Ambassador Program. I want to give enthusiastic fans a chance to get behind the scenes of our events, to give back to people around them, to volunteer their time and their passion to contribute creatively to the atmosphere of each event. This includes activities which promote health & safety (making sure everyone is hydrated, feels safe & comfortable, is acting with respect and a friendly attitude, and keeping a watchful eye to make a network of roaming friendly guides throughout a room or a space) and it also includes the chance to be an “invisible angel”. This does not mean being a clown or showing off, or being gaudy in a self congradulatory way, but simply allowing yourself to burst with enthusiasm, and instead of focusing on the stage and the music alone, to also roam the event and focus on other people, contributing in positive ways to them as individuals, and to the atmosphere as a whole. There are many, many ways to do this, and you can learn more once you volunteer. My crew has specific guidelines for who we want to bring into this role, because there is an element of responsibility and sobriety required. It is important that someone who wants to get behind the scenes treats that privilege with respect, and is prepared to enthusiastically give back from the heart to the people around them, and the event as a whole. I look forward to hearing your stories about your experiences and how you made the most of your opportunity to give back to our community. Enjoy…