Art of Revolution Release & Spring Tour

March 13th, 2009


Bassnectar announced his 2009 Spring tour in promotion of his latest single release, Art of Revolution. Look for Bassnectar live at clubs and festivals throughout North America this spring and summer including a headlining performance at the 2009 Lollapalooza music festival.

Art of Revolution CoverArt of Revolution is a mega-throbbing dubstep anthem pulsing with double time energy and features the legendary Jamaican vocalist Tapper Zukie. The single, released through the artists Amorphous Music imprint, includes remixes by Diplo, Ghislain Poirier, 6 Blocc, and Product 01.

Tracks are available for purchase through the Bassnectar store as high-quality DRM-free MP3 and FLAC  versions prior to the single’s launch through Beatport and other online distributors on May 12, 2008. A subsequent vinyl release of Art of Revolution will follow through a partnership with Groove Distribution in the US.

More tracks and packages to follow hot on this track’s heels, stay tuned…

Also, check in with throughout the spring for more singles and bootlegs to drop…

April will be spent deeeeeeeeeep in the studio mashing out ten million musical projects, remixes, new tunes, new material and techniques for the live set, and just generally going BUCK WILD with as much sound as possible. Amorphous Music is getting an ultra redevelopment to launch this summer, so we are all tingling with excitement about the new releases to come.

The Art of Revolution tour launches on May 1st and features custom-built PK-Sound System enhancements for larger-than-life audio courtesy of The Wobbly Factory. We are also working with a community of activists to generate involvement in local issues that pertain to each city along the tour route.

AOR TourPlease join us on the wild road:

May 2 – Elemental Experience – San Diego, CA
May 4 – HopMonk Tavern* – Sebastapol, CA
May 5 – Red Fox Tavern* – Eureka, CA
May 6 – Stillwater* – Ashland, OR
May 7 – McDonald Theatre** – Eugene, OR
May 8 – The Crystal Ballroom* – Portland, OR
May 9 – The Showbox* – Seattle, WA
May 10 – The Nightlight* – Bellingham, WA
(Vancouver date TBA) – Vancouver, BC
May 15 – 103 Harriet – San Francisco, CA
May 16 – The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
May 23 – Bella Music Fest – Geneva, MN
May 24 – Summer Camp – Chillicothe, IL
May 25 – Detroit Electronic Music Fest – Ferndale, MI
May 29 – Henry Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles, CA

*Featuring Random Rab
**Featuring Gift of Gab (Blackaliscious), and Random Rab

Stay tuned for lots more info and details,

Win Free Tickets

March 3rd, 2009


Thanks so mucking FUCH to everyone who threw down so much energy in
colorado this past week. Each and every show was wall to wall freaks
and such a mixture of luscious and ballistic.

Here is a short edit from some of the video shot from stage and front of house:


Now onwards….most dates have been confirmed for the Spring Run in
May, West Coast Fiasco, and will be announced shortly… as always
presale tickets at

i hear that there was an 8.50$ ticket surcharge on all tickets in
Denver (not on our site) but i APOLOGIZE for that…i just think that
is ridiculous quite honestly. With whatever tickets we are allowed to
sell at the bassnectar site i will always make sure it stays low….but
speaking of tickets:

This weekend we are honored to be a part of the Ophishal afterparty at
the Norva…from what i understand something near 12 billion people
(estimated) are descending on hampton, and we aim to squeeze as many of
em as possible into the Norva FRIDAY NIGHT. Alongside EOTO &
Orchard Lounge, with loads of augmented sound, this event will sell tha
HECK out, but here is your chance to win a free pair of tickets.


Please note…you are only confirmed if you recieve a direct
confirmation email saying whatsup,
and giving you the run down.

The next night we are flash out to Colombia, Missouri. We played there
for this first time last fall, on a Monday night, and the venue was
squashed to high heffen with freaks spilling out the windows.

i even personally got busted sneaking kids in the back door (ooops!)


so anyhow, we are moving up to the Blue Note this Saturday, and i know there’s lots of you driving in from out of town, STL, Lawrence, Lincoln, etc.

hit us up via the contact form



Please note…you are only confirmed if you recieve a direct
confirmation email back, saying whatsup,
and giving you the run down.

Also, if you are still reading this, i have a movie reccomendation.

THE BATTLE IN SEATTLE is a fucking brilliant movie, bringing to life the real events that transpired during the WTO protests in Seattle, Washington. Many personal friends were involved in this and although the movie got crap reviews (being criticized for the exact same thing that Slum Dog Millionaire was praised for) it is an exceelent flick, and a wickedly inspirational reminded of whats really up.




New Podcast - Free Music For You

February 25th, 2009


We just landed in Colorado…i am dressed like a total Californian fool (shorts and a T shirt) because i insisted that i’d be fine, but the air is cccccccoooolllddd.


We got 5 nights of furious freakish fiasco though, and at this point they are all either sold out or very close to it. I was hoping to have this new little podcast mix up last week to kind of ramp up to these shows, but technical shenanigans held it all up. Ahhh….technical shenanigans….how verily i do adore thee.

So now its up, live, free, and totally High Fidelity (320 kbps MMMMM)

so i reccomend downloading and listening to it on a HEAVY system cuz there are some hhhheeeaaaazterz on this thing. Feel free to cut it up, or do whatever you like, but we will also post individual unmixed tracks (for DJs… or not for DJs. for grammas and firemen and hypochondriacs..for anyone) in the coming weeks. First will be Kingston Town …so check back next week.

And of course, PLEASE pass this on to your friends or enemies, or anyone who you wish to be friends with.

New Year's Eve Shenanigans

December 31st, 2008


Hello my frenz!!!!


The moment is upon us, and to be honest i don’t think i have ever been more excited about new years before…it usually passes as a Hallmark storm, but this year for me, it realllly feels like the shift into the next phase.

Break on through to the other side….

I have chained myself to the desk here at the bassnectar labs, stopping only to inhale evaporated Spirulina-scented steam and to call my mom and tell her i love her. Other than that, it has been 24-7 madscience here…sculpting a set of music that is not only magical, deep and pulverizing, but also gelatinous and flexible so i can play around inside of it.

Im getting together all the dopest standout crushers from this year, along with heaps of new material and little special pieces of sonic art. The sound system at Sea of Dreams this year is OVER THE TOP…my arm hair was literally vibrating yesterday. I have to say, it sounded WAY better with ear plugs, so do yourself a favor and bring them. I just bought 2,000 pairs to pass out, but as of yesterday there have been over 5,500 tickets sold (WOW!!!!!!!!!) and they expect a big walk up, so bring your own. Im serious…music sounds SOOOOOO much better when you dive inside of it and submerge yourself.

So the line up is LOADED, topped of course, by none other than Theivery Corporation…who need no introduction, but out of respect let me just say i have been a rabid fan for over a decade, AND when i saw them live this summer i was stunned by how HEAVY their set was. The venue in San Francisco is huge, and it will be packed with special features.

I am supposed to play music at 1am, and no doubt there will be some fluctations there, but i have 2 hours to go for it, and at this point i think i am MOST excited about the last ten minutes, cuz i LOVE THE MELTDOWN!!!!!!

If you are going to be elsewhere tonight, i am wishing you a very safe and healthy experience, and i look forward to this next year, hopefully we will see each other soon.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already checked it out, this is the new little video we edited (video pequeno?) from some of our favorite moments on tour this fall…

Ima try to embed it here, but lord knows i am not the most terrifcly web-saavy guy


if that didnt work, you can go here, but make sure to click VIEW IN HIGH QUALITY

Anyhooo….much love, and see you all on the other side!


New Video!!!

December 26th, 2008



We are back in effect after an almost sadistically nonstop tour this fall. Our team of 5-ish musical mutants traversed the lands, bringing gifts of bass and trading it for local barter in blood sweat and what felt like ten zillion bouncing bodies.

Here is a little video we put together, capturing some of our favorite moments from the whirlwind that was the season of Autumn, 2008. It was our intention to create and maintain a full video journal for all dates on the tour, but we got swept away, so this is a bit of a look back:


We hope you enjoyed watching that video as much as we enjoyed filming it, making it and dreaming about it afterwards…finding ourselves sleepwalking in the kitchen weeks later still dream-fending off gobs of crowd surfers, or dream-dodging dream water as it shoots towards the gear. Finding ourselves dream-driving endless roads to the next dream city, and dream-choking on our own dream hair…dream-wearing dream masks and dream-laughing as our eyeballs dream-rattle from the memories of that wiiigggid low frequency purr.


What a road trip!

Now back in Bezerkeley, California… getting geared up for New Years madness (San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Sea Of Dreams), Australian antics in January, and a february run through Colorado. Hopefully finding hours to produce more juice, and edit the dickens out of everything we hear….



Looks like we will rest in 2033, or possibly the summer of ’44….only time will tell.  And until it’s through telling we intend to write as much buckwildness ‘pon the walls and corridors of what is and what will be.

So how about some updates….

Yes i still have half of my face shaved.  shaven?
Shaven. will somebody please bring me some hot water and shaving cream?

Yes we are planning a SUPERSONIC RUN OF TOUR DATES in 2009. Hang on…info soon will come.

Yes each member of our furry crew is buzzing and happily recharging. The ever charming Elliott is continuing his 30th birthday world tour. Young Boris Borshnekta is happily hunched over his video editing equipment. Trevor The Brave is planning some un-Christly amount of bass carnage for NYE and working with PK & Dylon to create the touring bassnectar sound systym for ’09 (BOH!). Mark & Marci are making the eggnog and feeding it to Buddy the Dog (and acting Webmaster) while Andy plays rasta in Jamaica and Squints adjusts the exposure on the lighting guns. Ralf is working on hoody designs, and Jake/Jesse are planning the MADNESS that will become the 2009 Tour (a tender mix of joy and fear fills my heart…), Cerrithwen is scouring the internets for accapellas, jeremy is warping away, … and my hordes of collaborating eunuchs are clicking their mouses, my file-sharing friends are a-tempting, the dubstep is twinkling the glitch-womp is sparkling, the uber-thrust is blinkling and the dream-core is calling.

And i am falling off the train of my thought like a drunken hobo.


where tha FECK was i?

on donner? on blitzen?

oh yes! my beloved crew and cohorts….. THANKS BE TO ALL who raged it with us this year, both mentioned and the thousands gone unmentioned. Thanks be so ever deeply to the kids/crowds/freaks and stone-cold nnnnnnNutters who are feeling the frequency and spreading it around. Each and every show was so special and popped so hard the f*ck off. We felt you

And more is on the way.

YES WE DID!!!!!!!!

November 5th, 2008



obama now has the duty to live up to our high epectations

i am so excited.

bassnectarland projects that the majority of human americans are DONE with Republican/Bush/McCain bull shit and are ready to heal this country.

happy new year everyone.

the next step is building a ground-up grass roots national network of localized communities deadicated to oversight and participation.


VOTING DETAILS: How To, When, Where, What, Voters Guide, ETC

October 31st, 2008


whats up everybody!!!

the tour has been incredibly off the hook, i am so grateful for all the support and high energy and nonstop enthusiasm. THANK YOU!!!

So the election is THIS TEUSDAY!
i do not need to preach to the converted, or yap your ear off. it’s simple:

1. We MUST maximize our democracy and we MUST vote the Republicans out of office. we MUST make Obama the next president.
But beyond that, are TONS of local issues that affect you and your family. MAXIMIZE the democracy by getting involved…EDUCATE yourself.

2. You can make an enormous difference by taking a few hours over the next few days and make sure everyone you know is going to vote or already has. Help your friends and your friend’s friends, and your friend’s parents, and your enemies parents and your parole officer and your girlfriend’s neighbor FIND THEIR VOTING PLACE and make sure they go and vote. (whoever thinks they are too cool to vote or talk politics in this country is a fool and does not deserve the constitutional rights that they have)

3. There are a LOT of issues besides the obvious presidential issue. Loads of propositions, and congressional/senate votes too! Lots of LOCAL issues too! Lots of BAD IDEAS with good names, seeking your (our) money, and vice versa. SO YOU MUST EDUCATE YOURSELF AND EACH OTHER. (a great example of this is the california initiative: Alternative Fuels And Renewable Energy. GREAT NAME RIGHT?? except this is a FUCKED initiative wit a nice name…be careful of the names of these things… you gotta RESEARCH)
***In california, BOTH INITIATIVES with nice eco-friendly names are BAD for the cause, they are tricking you. great example of how important it is to RESEARCH and EDUCATE YOURSELF before voting.

4. Below is a voting guide. I used it. i trust it, but YOU SHOULD READ IT and decide for yourself. i vote in accordance with The League of Women VOters about 90% of the time…they are ON POINT. my friends at False Profit also have some really good insight. Read, and then decide for yourself. GET OUT THERE AND CRUSH IT, MY FRIENDS!!!!!

(i happen to know more about the California issues than other places, but if you research trustworthy sources like LWV and Green Party you are on the right track.)

You can find your ballot & polling place for ANY state by visiting:

the “official website” of the California secretary of state w/info on voting in California:

league of women voter’s California proposition recommendations

Also, here are the green party recommendations on California ballot propositions:

Here is the False Profit guide to the propositions. I voted with an absentee ballot, but if i was home i would vote early and i would follow this:

California Propositions

• Prop 1A: High-speed rail from SF to LA – YES
This proposition would authorize about $10 billion in bonds, which would be used in conjunction with federal and private funding, to aid in constructing a planned high-speed rail system in california. This chunk of funding would be directed to the SF-to-LA corridor in particular. SF to LA in 2.5 hours for $55?? Hellz yeah–let’s get building!  Maybe not the best use of funds right now, but damn it’d be sweet.

• Prop 2: Fair treatment of farm animals – YES
This requires by law that farm animals have enough room in their cages to move. This is more humane than not giving them the room to move.
(and even if you are not an animal rights activist: healthier farms = healthier food)

• Prop 3: Children’s Hospital Bond Act – YES
Authorizes $980 million in general obligation bonds for remodeling and equipping children’s hospitals in CA. Currently the California health care system is crippled by a staggering number of uninsured patients and underfunding for the struggling MediCal system. These financial woes are compounded by the Seismic Safety Law that went into effect in Jan of this year requiring that all CA hospitals renovate or rebuild in accordance with strict earthquake standards. Hospitals unable to comply face closure by 2013. I think the SF Chronicle put it best: “Our reservations about obtaining bond money through the initiative process are trumped by the need to assure that these facilities – known for their specialized care and groundbreaking research – remain open.”

• Prop 4: Waiting Period and Parental Notification for Abortion – NO NO NO
This would require that all women under the age of 18 get parental consent before they can be legally given an abortion. This poses a significant challenge to the right of women in this age group to have abortions. This is the third attempt to chip away at abortion rights for minors in the past few years. We think that is a shame.  I want to stress people vote NOOOOO on this dangerous legislation that would require young women who find themselves in difficult situations to tell their parents before receiving an abortion. Don’t get me wrong, I am a mother and would want my daughter to tell me if she were pregnant, but I DO NOT WANT the state FORCING her to do so.

• Prop 5: Nonviolent Offenders: Sentencing, Parole and Rehabilitation – YES
According to the ACLU, An ambitious criminal justice reform measure, Proposition 5 offers common sense solutions to prison overcrowding by providing drug treatment as an alternative to incarceration for non-violent offenders, saving California taxpayers billions of dollars.?I just want to second the “yes” on this one – I’ve been hearing about it from the Drug Policy Alliance for months, and the consortium of groups including the ACLU and DPA that have been working really hard on this prop is excited about its potential to let CA become a model that influences criminal justice policy nationally in a more humane (and economically practical) direction. Big yes…Obama has been distracting me from making as much noise about this one as I should be. B/c as befits any common sense crime-related bill, it’s the subject of baseless “criminals are scary and are coming for your children, if Barack Obama and his cadre of terrorists doesn’t get them first” type campaigning.

• Prop 6: Criminal Penalties and Laws and Public Safety Funding – NO
This will allow more people under the age of 18 to be tried as adults. It is costly to the state and to society as it will mean more people are in jail.

• Prop 7: Renewable Energy – NO NO!
This prop is will force small renewable energy companies out of the market, disrupt that market, and is opposed by everyone with a pulse.  Too fast, too simple, unconsidered (

• Prop 8: Limit on Marriage – NONONONONONO?This prop would write discrimination into an amendment to the state constitution. Prop 8 eliminates the rights of same sex couples to marry and states that the only legal marriages are ones between a woman and a man. It would significantly reverse America’s progress on equality by denying an already recognized right to a community that includes many individuals we know and admire. Furthermore, San Francisco has a strong tradition of honoring and celebrating diversity. We welcome people of all creeds, colors, beliefs and sexual orientations. As a result, this city stands as a beacon to those who seek to live their lives free from discrimination. It is also the reason San Francisco has been at the forefront of movements for civil rights and equality for more than a century. We can’t backpedal on this one.

• Prop 9: Criminal Justice System: Parole and Victims’ Rights – NO?According to the ACLU, Prop 9 is a well intentioned but poorly written and truly dangerous initiative. It will negatively impact California’s most vulnerable residents — our children — by diverting hundreds of millions from schools and education to spending on prisons and jails. It puts huge burdens on local law enforcement and creates more red tape but does not provide new services to victims.

• Prop 10: Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy – NO
Using less oil is good. So is developing renewable energy sources. However, the devil is in the details. The way “alternative fuel vehicle” is defined in this measure, the vast majority of the public funds set aside will go to unnecessary natural gas car and truck subsidies. This is a developed technology that private investors are already funding, and the vehicles are already selling well. More importantly there will be little or no reduction in the environmental impact, mainly because natural gas vehicles are only slightly cleaner than regular cars. Prop 10 is backed and funded by T. Boone Pickens, a Texas oilman who has recently made large investments in natural gas. It’s a bad return on taxpayer investment, basically designed to enrich a small set of businessmen.

• Prop 11: Redistricting Amendment – NO
This prop changes the authority over the geographic boundaries for state and federal congressional districts from elected representatives to an unelected commission of fourteen. Even if the process for selecting these fourteen people was not as absurdly convoluted as it is proposed, it would still be a bad idea to give fourteen people control over a power that is so contentious its abuse has earned its own moniker: gerrymandering.

• Prop 12: Veteran’s Bond Act – YES
This proposition would authorize the state to issue $900 million in bonds to the existing Cal-Vet Loan Program, to help veterans buy farms and homes. Con: The Cal-Vet Loan Program applies to all veterans, rich or poor, from combat or non-combat service scenarios. Pro: Veterans don’t get adequate support from the federal government, so a program like this is warranted.



October 16th, 2008


hello from the wild wild road

if i had a nickel for every time i have tried (and failed) to find time to write a blog in the past month i would have a small fortune. So many links i have wanted to forward, updates to share, side notes, antics, and tales of nonstop womp… but each day passes in a flash. i am however, happy to tell you that we have managed to release a small playful single called “HEADS UP”.

(BUT FIRST! i invite you to spend 2 hours or so watching a movie that i am certain will touch your soul, open your eyes and pump you up more than a hot oil massage from Arnold Schwarzenegger)


and now back to our regularly scheduled program:

While the ins and outs of the record industry slowly suck my soul dry, ive been cranking away making tunes and jams and loads of wonky bass experiments. When releasing a full length album, where each track is more of a finished SONG, my standards of what is done and what needs more work are much higher. But i am watching time go by and so many fricken reasons why tracks can’t just be released…its nutso.

SO i was like F*CK IT, lets just put out a banger! And i threw together a few different versions, and a bonus track, and we pressed up a CD (which we have been passing out to crowd surfers on tour) and its onsale at my website and at shows, and 4 of the tracks are available digitally at places like Beatport, Juno, Addictech, etc…

My only concern is that these tunes are mostly a dancefloor feel…just ridiculous crushing bass and such, which is fine, but ive been also working on tunes with more character and different sounds (album) which i gotta say….is months away from being finished. Being on the road full time is amazing for so many reasons…but having no time in my studio, with the proper speakers and everything i need at my finger tips (including time) is the hardest part.
So December and January will hopefully be a good time for me to finish album work.

For now, we will be releasing some diverse singles…the first of which is HEADS UP. Here is the press release, etc below…hope you enjoy!!!!!

headsupHeads Up!

From the forthcoming full length album “The Other Side”.

Bassnectar is back with the first proper musical offering since 2007’s Underground Communication. It’s bombs away business as usual with this uber tear-out title track: a freakshow mix of sledgehammer dubstep, 2 step, and bass psychosis. The single features an alternative mix (California Style) of 90 bpm double time throb hop that drops on your head like a John Candy body slam, as well as the third remix -a dripping melodic sound game by the upstart Bassnectar side project West Coast Lo Fi. Also included to knock this sucker out of the park: the Bassnectar remix of ‘Roustabout’ by Beats Antique…a twisted carnivalistic circus anthem with – you guessed it – plenty of wobbling bass and an additional special remix.

(includes a special 5th bonus track only available on CD)

Digitally available now at :
Beatport [all 4 tracks] AND addictech [2 tracks]